What country did you learn about this week?

How are their traditions different from our own?

Did you have a fun and exciting week?

37 responses to “Around the World Week 2019”

  1. Aysha R.

    I learned about Australia

  2. Leona D.

    We learnt about Scandinavia. The thing that they have what we don’t is tomtes, they are like nomes but they are supposed to protect your family or your farm. The best part of the week is when we created a poster about the different things they do for eg in easter they would make heart-shaped bags to put their chocolate in and they don’t buy Easter eggs for Easter.

  3. Jamie G.

    1. The Scandinavian Countries.
    2. They have Tomtes
    #. Yes i enjoyed this week

  4. Hajrah S.

    It was so fun

  5. Elyas S.

    1.We learnt about the Philippines.
    2.The Philippines celebrate Christmas on the September 1st to January 6th.
    3.I had fun and a really exciting week!

  6. Umar A.

    We learnt about Scandinavia.They have tomtes however we do not have tomtes.I liked the part where we made tomtes.

  7. Sayda A.

    We learnt about Kenya.I enjoyed doing activities to do with Kenya.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  8. Safa H.

    We learned about the Scandinavian countries. They are:
    Iceland,Norway,Denmark and Sweden.

    I had lots of fun and learned many things during the week.

  9. Kaila M.

    1. Australia
    2. They celebrate Christmas in the summer
    3. Our week was outstanding.I loved it so much

  10. Eman A.

    1.We leant about peru.
    2. They speak diffrent langeage.
    3. I ingoied doing the cocing.
    Mery chrismas and a Happy new year.

  11. Hamsia D.

    It was very fun!!!!

  12. Lusardo M.

    1.Machu Pichu and Prue
    2. They are different because Prue less people than england and its 32.17.
    3.yes i like the project,
    4.I hade a lovely holiday I really enjoyed it those days.

  13. Rahima D.

    we learnt about the philippines in year 4
    they celebrate by leaving the doors open so family and friends can come and celebrate with them they also start celebrating starting on the 1st of september until the 6th of january.
    i had lots of fun this week i enjoyed learning how christmas is celebrated in different countries

  14. Umaiyah A.

    We learnt about Scandinavia.
    In Scandinavia they celebrate 4 different countries which are…
    Iceland,Norway,Denmark and Sweden.

    There is a problem on Mathletics because I have still checked a few days ago and there is only just the topics but the real problem is that I can’t see any challenges just the topics.

    1. Mr Patel

      I will to Mrs Hurt to see if we can sort the problem.

      Happy New Year!

  15. Abdullah K.

    we learnt about peru 😎❤😁🤣👍

  16. Hasbia D.

    Also I liked baking cupcakes.

  17. Ayaan P.

    1.We learnt about Scandinavian countries.This includes Finland,Sweden,Norway,Denmark,Iceland.
    2.They celebrate 4 holidays.We may celebrate some of them but most of them we don’t celebrate
    *St Lucia Day
    *Saint Walpurgis Night
    3.I enjoyed this week because we got to make Tomtes and traditional Danish hearts.

  18. Leena N.

    1.What country did you learn about this week?
    I learnt about all the Scandinavion countries Like Iceland , Denmark , Norway , Sweden and Finland.
    2.How are their traditions different from our own?
    There easter (Pask) traditional animal is a lamb.
    3.Did you have a fun and exciting week?
    Yes beacuse every one showed reseliance and worked as a team. My favourite part was when we made our own tomte. Tomte’s are known to protect farms and people’s homes. It is also known as another version of Santa Claus beacuse tomte’s are the creatures who give the people there Christmas gifts.

    1. Leena N.

      Also thank you for this excellent week.

      1. Mr Patel

        You are welcome! It was a great week! The highlight for me was Year 6 children singing at the care home – the joy on the resident’s faces was a joy!

  19. Sabah S.

    I accidentally posted that comment

  20. Sumaya O.

    1. I learnt about Uk and Mexico
    2. They speak different languages
    3. Yes I loved it
    Thank You all Teachers and Mrs Frankish and Sumaya won’t to say I WISH YOU A MERRY
    CHRISTMAS 💕❤️🙂😇😍☺️😊🤑😉😊

  21. Najma O.

    1. We learn about the country Peru in year 2
    2. There’s different things and different clothes
    3.Yes I like the part when we made are Llama.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas.😊❤️😉

  22. Tahseen S.

    1.We learnt about Germany in year 5.
    2.Thew traditions are different because they have Krumpus who is a sidekick of S.t.Nicholas.
    3.We had a really fun week.

    1. Sabah S.

      1. We learnt about the Philippines.

    2. Sabah S.

      You spelled the wrong you wrote thew.

    3. Tahseen S.

      1.We learnt about Germany in year 5.
      2.The traditions are different because they have Krumpus who is a sidekick of S.t.Nicholas.
      3.We had a really fun week.

  23. Mrs Walker

    Wow what a great blog!!! It so nice to see just how enthusiastic you all are about learning about different countries and cultures. It seems you have all gained this week but above all your learning has been fun.

  24. Laraib T.

    We were doing the scandinavian countries there traditions are different to us because ththey have tomtes which are farmers solescand I thought it was interesting that they eat different types of meat instead of sone vege options. I had a teally fun week despite being ill this was a really fun week and thanky you to the yr6 staff.

    1. Laraib T.


  25. Mr Mahmood

    Well done Shaun and Mrs Ahmed for this amazing video! This video is only a snapshot of the fun learning that takes place at Broad Heath. RW learned how Christmas is celebrated in the UK and Mexico. I hope you all have an amazing break!

  26. Marwa H.

    We learnt about the Philippines.
    In the Philippines they have Parols but in England, it doesn’t.
    Yes, because I liked when we made our parols.

  27. Brooke M.

    we learned about Australia and how Christmas is different in England.We also done some art like painting our own globe and using tissue paper for the countries on the globe i loved this half turm THANK YOU ALL TEACHERS AND MRS FRANKISH for planning this for us

    1. Head Teacher

      Really pleased Brooke because you are doing very well.

  28. Anya D.

    We learnt about Scandinavian countries.
    Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway are in Scandinavia. Instead of Santa, in Sweden they believe that Tomtes bring presents.
    This week was really fun!

  29. Hasbia D.

    We learnt about the country Peru.
    There’s are not magical ours are magical.
    Yes because I liked the part when we made our camels.

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