Year 3 Have fun with times tables games.

Hi year 3, hope you are all well and enjoying home learning. Please have a go with the times tables games . Challenge your self by trying 7times tables. ht/

Year-3 Story time

Hello year 3 children, hope you and your families are all well. We are all very proud of you with your home learning. Listen to the story and write a short review about the story. ENJOY the story as it’s one of my favourite.

Year 3 – Synonyms

Hi Year 3! I hope you are all ok. Today, I would like you to log onto EducationCity to access ‘Race to the Finish.’ This will remind you what Synonyms are and how we use them in our writing. After that, complete the worksheet below. Let me know how you get on.

Eygptian Gods and Goddess

Hi our lovely 3 Blue. Hope you are all safe and well. Today for our topic work we are looking at the Egyptian Gods and Goddess. Please look at the word search and see how many Gods and Goddess you can find in the word search.    

3Blue Acrostic Poem!

Hello 3 Blue, I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Today we are going to look at an acrostic poem. But first, have a look at the PowerPoint presentation below to remind yourself of what an acrostic poem is. I found this wonderful poem. The Acrostic Poem above has the word RAINBOW. Can […]

3Blue Multiplication/ Division Challenge!

Good morning, 3Blue! Hope you are all well and you and your families are keeping safe. Thank you for always going above and beyond with your home learning – Mrs Khaliq and I are so proud!Have a go at these questions and let me know how you get on. Send some pictures to the Yr3 […]

3B Timestable Crossword Challenge!

Good morning, 3Blue! Hope you are all well and you and your families are keeping safe. All the adults in school miss you all so much – it is lovely connecting with those of you who are accessing the blogs regularly, but it is not the same as seeing your lovely smiling faces in the […]

Spring is in the air

Hello year 3 children. I hope you had a lovely Easter holiday. During the Easter holidays I have been walking in the park and in the area around my house and I have been experiencing changes in the environment. What changes do you think I have noticed? Think about changes in: the weather day and […]

Super star Murad!

Murad started in 3 Blue in January. He is really keen to learn and today for the first time he achieved 10/10 in his spelling test. He is making good progress and we are so proud of him. Keep it up!

Yoga in Year 3

Today in year 3 we have had a fantastic wellbeing day! I am so proud of the children being super flexible and confident during yoga. Why don’t you show your family the yoga moves you learnt today and see if they can do it! Take a look at the photos below.

3 Blue investigate chemical reactions!

Children from 3 Blue enjoyed investigating the reaction between household items for the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine. They tested different ingredients in hope to find a potion for George’s nasty Grandma. Which experiment did you enjoy the most?

Fossil finding in 3 Blue

This week in science we used the VR headsets to explore fossils. We observed fossils closely and we enjoyed exploring where they came from. Describe what you could see. What did you learn about fossils?

3 White – Reading a map and symbols.

Today we looked at the symbols used in a OS Map key and explored our own Broad Heath map. We first created a map of the Hanford Playground as a class and then went onto the playground to create our own map with a key. Why are symbols used on a map key? What type […]

3 W-Measuring mass

Today, we have been learning about mass. We had to identify which unit of measurements and which measuring tools are best for using to measure mass of each object? Which unit of measurement is larger? Grams or Kilograms? How do you know? Which unit of measure would you use for each of these objects? We […]

Year 3’s Easter assembly

Year 3 really enjoyed performing in the Easter assembly this afternoon. They worked really well as a team and we were pleased that so many parents could join us. Some children created a stop motion animation using lego to show the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. We also learnt about how Easter is celebrated […]

3 White- Bar charts

In Maths this week, we have been learning about interpreting and representing data. Today we were looking at presenting data in a bar chart. We did this as a class first. Look at our ‘human bar chart’! Answer these questions about our bar chart. Which subject was the most popular? How many more children voted […]

3 White Super homework!

This week we have received some fantastic homework! They had to create a poster about an environmental issue such as plastic pollution and global warming. Sheima, Noah and Rahima created MASTERPIECES! I look forward to seeing some more Masterpieces next week! Well done 3 White!

3 White- Warm and cool colours

This half term, 3 white have being learning how to use pastels to create warm and cool colours. We looked at famous art work and discussed how tone had been used, created collages and blending with pastels. Watch our video to see our learning journey this half term. We now need to evaluate our learning. […]

3 white’s homework masterpieces

3 White’s WOW homework this week was to create a model amphitheatre as we have been studying the Romans in our topic lessons. Mrs Street and I are extremely impressed with the effort that many of the children and parents have made in creating their amphitheatre. Please see our wonderful masterpieces. What happened in a […]

Amazing homework!

Well done Caleb, you have produced super homework! You have collaged numbers from 1 -100, using colourful numbers. We are very proud of you and everyone who does lovely homework! Keep it up.