Mrs A Patel

Mrs A Patel

Creating Fantastic Floating Gardens by 3Blue!

Today children created and designed floating gardens. They had an amazing time during the creative process part of things and cut out their own plastic bottles. We collected leaves, placed seeds and tested if they could float on water ~…

Fantastic Fractions in 3Blue!

Children learnt about identifying a half and a quarter of an amount and understood the concept. They enjoyed the practical side of the lesson and were able to apply their learning to the activities. You all did a fantastic job…

3Blue Star Spellers!

congratulations to all those children who achieved full marks in their spelling test today. Well done everyone, we are very proud of you all.😀👍

World Book Day in 3Blue!

Today we celebrated World Book Day 📕 📚 📖 and all children came dressed in wonderful outfits and costumes as their favourite book character. They all discussed their favourite books and favourite characters as well as books they are looking…

3Blue Star Spellers!

Congratulations to all the Star Spellers who scored full marks in their spelling test! Well done everyone, we are very proud of you all! 😊🥳🫵🏻

3-Blue Super Spellers!

Congratulations everyone who got full marks in their spelling test today! Please start practicing your week 4 spellings. Have a lovely weekend! 🤓

Amazing Music Lesson in 3-Blue!

what a wonderful music morning in 3-Blue! All Children in Broad Health School are very lucky to have music experience every week. Please enjoy the video and let us know what you have enjoyed the most. How did the music…

3-Blue Super Spellers! 🙌🏻🤓

Congratulations to everyone who scored full marks in their spelling test today. We are very proud of you all! Please start practicing next week spellings, and remember to complete your homework in your homework book. Have a lovely weekend! 🤩

Pen License in 3-Blue!

We are very proud to give out pen licenses to these children for their beautiful handwriting. Well done! It is a fantastic achievement and these children have worked supremely hard to earn it! 👍🖊

3 Blue’s contribution to World Braille Day

Children learnt all about Louis Braille and his contributions to the community of blind people. They learnt of the Braille system and designed their own name using the Braille code. They did a fantastic job at it and are now…

Pen License

Congratulations to these children for receiving a Pen License for their beautiful handwriting. Looking forward to seeing the best handwriting from everyone in 3Blue. Well done! 🎊 🎉☺️👍

Table point winners

Well done to Burj Khalifa table! You have been fantastic this half term and deserve the prizes you won today. Keep it up for next term 😊 Well done to all the other children you have all been superb! 😊…

3Blue Super Spellers!

Congratulations to all the children who scored 10/10 spellings correct in their spelling test. We would also like to say a big well done to Eesaa, Yusuf, Halimah, Shumiyah, Musa, Esa and Alisha who got 9 Please start practicing week-6…

Fantastic Phonics in 3Blue!

A group of children in 3Blue are practicing phonics using RWI books. Children have been practicing reading green words using their phonics knowledge. Challengewhat new sound have you learnt today? can you write two sentences using igh sound?

3Blue Super Spellers!

we have lots of children who achieved 10 out of 10 in their spelling test this week. We are very proud of you all. Please start practicing week-5 spellings. Well done everyone!

3 BlueLearning to count in 3’s and 5’s.

All children have been practicing counting in 3’s and 5’s practically grouping using cubes and singing times tables song. Challenge, Fill in the missing gap 3 6. —- —- 15 ——, —— 24 True or false? Are multiples of 3…

3Blue Super Spellers!

Congratulations Super Spellers who achieved full marks in their spelling test. We like to see more children getting full marks next week, so please start practicing week-4 spellings.

Celebrating Homework in 3Blue!

We are very proud of Eesaa and Faris for putting super efforts in their homework. Well done Eesaa and Faris. A huge well done to the rest of the class too for completing homework to an amazing standard and quality.

3Blue Super Spellers!

Congratulations to all the Super Spellers for scoring 10 out of 10 in their Spelling test. Well done keep it up and make sure you practice week 3 spellings for another score of 10.