📕📗📘📙World Book Day 4 Red📕📗📘📙

The children in 4 Red, have applied researching skills to their learning today. They have studied the Author David Wiesner. He has written many books for children, including wordless picture books (sometimes called pure picture books) such books as Flotsam, Mr Wuffles and Tuesday. Activities: Character descriptions – To describe a character Researching – To […]

Design and Technology Greenhouses

Design and make a mini greenhouse suitable for growing vegetable seeds within the uk. This week, we will be creating greenhouses. So far the children have researched and investigated how people grew plants during the Blitz. Then the children identified what a greenhouse is. They then moved onto to designing their own greenhouses, using wood […]

P.H.S.E How to be a good citizen

In P.H.S.E last week the children in 4 red discussed, What makes a good broad heath citizen. Here are some of the children’s comments. Below is a link to a website that has many quizzes, to help develop your knowledge on citizenship. https://www.educationquizzes.com/ks2/citizenship/

1 Red Autumn 🍂 walk

The children were fantastic at finding the signs of Autumn. Please watch the video below and answer the challenge below 🍂 Challenge! Read the text with your adult and have a go at answering the questions related to Autumn. 🍂

1 Red Homework Celebrations

Firstly we would like to take the time to say well done to all the children in one Red for showing such brilliance and resilience. You’ve adapted to all the changes over the course of the past few weeks and we are very proud of you. Secondly, We would like to say a special well […]

1R Arts around the world week Day 1

We have had an amazing time learning, embracing and creating art work in the style of Islamic arts First we spoke about Islam and looked closely at Islamic artefacts. These objects are used in worship, during religious festivals, or act as a daily reminder for muslims’ beliefs, their traditions, and their identity. We then looked […]

Week 4 Homework celebration.

The children in 1 red, are upping their game to completed two piece of homework each week… Well done, to the children that are really trying at home. Your efforts really do show, I know I say that a lot, however it is the truth! Remember 1 Red, We’ve got grit so we don’t quit. […]

Science 1Red

In science this term we have been looking at the topic, My body. The children have been very busy developing their five sense. Hear, see, smell, taste and touch. My sense of hearing. My sense of sight.

Miss Jackson’s Phonics group Week3&4

Hello superstars,✨ you are making great progress and gaining all the time. 👏. Keep on shinning,✨✨✨ Hamasah,Wariah,Eli,Shaheer,Haseeb,Manuela,Ziyaan,Fatima and Antonio. You are all brilliant! For the next two weeks we will be focusing on g,i,o,c,p,k Challenge: Can you find these letters in your reading book.

Miss Jackson’s Phonics group Week 1&2

Hello my little shinning ✨stars ⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️ I would like to say well done to Hamasah , Warizah, Eli, Shaheer, Haseeb, Manuela, Ziyaan, Fatima and Antonio. You have been working very hard with me in phonics. We have been working on (m,a,s,d,t) Here are some videos to help you at home. Challenge: Find these letters on […]

Y1 Prepositions

In Literacy last week, the children learnt all about prepositions. Here are some fun songs, games and videos to support the children’s learning of prepositions. Follow the link to learn and play more….. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zwwp8mn/articles/zw38srd

1 Red Week 2 Homework Superstars

A huge well done, to our learning developers this week. Everyday you gain, more knowledge. Setting the foundations of your learning, brick by brick. Well done, 1Red. We are proud of you. I look forward to seeing your homework this week… Using your sense of hearing, have a listen to these amazing children. Our first […]

Year 1 Autumn 1 Spellings

All groups spellings can be found here… Year 1 have a spelling test every week on a Friday. The children are encouraged to practice their spellings as they come in, in the morning and throughout the day. Please support your child at home by practising their spellings, for a short period of time each day. […]

1Reds First week in year one

This is me! What a unique week we have had, learning all our new routines and expectations. Prepping of our new year 1 journey ahead… This week we have been focusing on the story the Rainbow Fish. We have been very busy using all or our skills to create different pieces of artwork using a […]

Hello Reception Blue

Myself and Miss Jackson, really enjoyed meeting you today. We look forward to working with you next year. Remember to bring your thinking hat… Question timeWhat are you looking forward to in year 1 ? What are your feelings about coming to year 1 ?