Inspirational Maths-5 White

Greetings 5 White, What an awesome week we’ve had! We have been inspired this week by looking at Maths and finding patterns. We have researched about Sol Lewitt who is an artist, he uses teamwork to produce artwork. We have used resilience and belief in ourselves to solve Maths problems. We have learnt and gained. […]

9/7/21- Year 5- Fun Friday!

Hi Year 5. Hope that you are all well. I know that you all like a riddle or two…….. The best riddles are wrapped in mystery and unravelling them is satisfying! Are you up to the challenge? Yes? Great! No googling the answers , it will spoil the fun! Okay, so let the fun begin…..See […]

4 Blue transiting to 5 White- Gallery

Hi 4 Blue, We have received fantastic work from you. It was wonderful meeting you virtually. Looking forward to seeing you in September! Mr Kane and I would like to showcase some of your aspirational work from our transit day. We had a lovely day speaking to you Zoom! Below is your gallery….. Please comment […]

Transition Day 4 Blue

Hi 4 Blue! Hope that you are all well. Firstly apologies for having a remote transition day. We will meet you in-person, in September in our new class room in Year 5 White. We are so excited! Here are a few tasks for you to complete today so we can get to know you. Please […]

5 Blue’s Blooming Gallery

Hi 5 Blue, hope that you are all well and staying safe. We shall be showcasing your work on this blog, see how we are blooming with our learning! We will be adding our work to this blog everyday so please check back daily to see our wonderful blooming work! English Mathematics

5 Blue’s Blooming Gallery- Week 2

Sharing our blooming work in 5 Blue. This blog will be updated daily, so please check it and see our blossoming work. Great effort 5 Blue, we are proud of you! Keep blooming! REMINDERS Monday – wear your PE kit to school and bring in swimming kit for Tuesday. Homeworks for Monday Reading books everyday. […]

Year 5- Basic skills- Modal Verbs

Greetings Year 5, today for Basic Skills we shall be revisiting Modal verbs. Please can you write out the full sentence with the correct modal verb, looking at the most appropriate one from the right-hand column. For some sentences, you may find that there is more than one option. Send your completed Basic skills work […]

Fun Friday- 18.6.21- Year 5

For fun Friday I have a treat for you! You could also use rice krispies. Follow the link below to find instructions and ingredients you will need. Ask your adult’s help to melt the chocolate. Have a great time making these. Please share your photos via share point, we would love to see them. […]

Year 5: Decimals Practise

Hi Year 5, As we are learning about decimals in Mathematics here are some links to practise them: Try out the Decimal quiz below:

Wow Homework in 5 Blue

Hi, 5 Blue Mrs Ahmed and I have been impressed with your ‘Wow homework. We thought it would be lovely to share this with you. Great effort. Well done!Looking forward to seeing more wow homework that we can display in our classroom. Keep up the good work!

5 Blue’s Blooming Gallery

Hi 5 Blue, we would love to share and celebrate some blooming work from 5 Blue. We have had an amazing week! We thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Hobbit Day’.  Looking forward to next week with more work to share with you all. Topic work and Science work

5 Blue’s Blooming Gallery (Sp2, Wk2)

We will be adding your work to the blog each day. What should a year 5 piece of work include?-Date & Title-Correct spellings, grammar and punctuation-Correct stationary, black pen, pencil, ruler and crayons-Subheadings for tasks-Colours, creative presentationEveryday begin with English, Maths, BS and the 4th creative blog. ENGLISH(Fantasy Genre Week, Harry Potter, How to train […]

Artwork on Toast- Year 5 – 2/3/21

Greetings and welcome year 5. Today, I have something exciting for you make. Not only is it going to be fantastic to look at, it will be delicious too! Your task is to create a work of Art on toast/bread. Are you curious about what it is?Of course……. Let’s check this out! Here are some […]

24.2.21- Year 5- The Giraffe who never gave up!

Greetings Year 5. This is a story written by the author Izzy Edwards, and I wanted to share it with you all. I have a short story for you to listen to. After you have listened to the story please answer the questions below. This is an audio recording only.|watch?v=trNJ6zIRYo|watch?v=trNJ6zIRYo Questions: Did you […]

Year 5:- 11.2.21:-Oxford Reading Owl

Hello Year 5, You can read books on Oxford Owl, ask your adults to create an account for you.. You can read during the holidays. There is a variety of books on there, many are also what we have in school. Follow this link Let me know what book you read, if you liked […]

Five Blue’s Blooming Gallery (Music Week)

Welcome, to our Music Week, Gallery blog. We will be adding to this blog throughout this week! Please check this space….. Art(This week you will be using your BH skills of being imaginative, creative and independent to create WOW pieces for a year five music video) MusicRock n’ Roll, this week we will be exploring […]

Basic Skills : Year 5: 1/2/21: Equivalent fractions using multiplication and division calculations.

Today Year 5, we will looking at and solving fractions, multiplication and division calculations.  First write your date and title in your homework books. Monday 1st February 2021. Basic skills, To complete fraction, multiplication and division calculations. You must use your best cursive handwriting and present your work neatly. Once the work has been completed […]

5 White’s, Week 4 Home Learning Gallery

What a super, wonderful and brilliant week you have had 5 White. Neatly presented, detailed work, lovely cursive handwriting, alongside fantastic Mathematical learning happening! Have a browse through the gallery and see who your star blogger of the week is. Keep up the fantastic work 5 White! And your blogger for this week is…….. Mikolaj, […]

Fun Friday! Year 5. 22.1.21

What a nice and indulgent way to finish the week with…. Something, close to my heart since I am partial to a sweet treat! In Victorian times they used simple ingredients. The Victorians had an incredibly sweet tooth, so paying homage to that, here is a recipe for you to try. You will love making […]

GD Reading Comprehension :Year 5: 21.1.21

Good morning Year 5, These are the children that need to complete this, if there are other children who want challenge themselves please do. 5 White: Marwa, Aamina,Hamaad, Iqra,Alexis,Adeena,Safya,Zain, Zaid and Hajrah. 5 Red: Danyaal, Raihaan, Shabaz, Aleena, Rahima, Esra, Rasan 5Blue Saira, Umar, Ravi, Abdullah A, Abdullah Ab, Ayaan S, Abdullah M, Hamza, Arina, […]

Alice In Wonderland- 5 Blue- 15.1.21

Hello and welcome 5 Blue, This is the next part to our class story. …..Alice In Wonderland based on the story by Lewis Carroll, adapted by Lesley Sims and illustrated by Mauro Evangelista. Hope that you enjoyed listening. Now can you answer these questions please. Questions : 1) ‘Timidly’ Alice went and knocked on the […]

Alice In Wonderland – 5 Blue

Good morning 5 Blue, Continuation of our class story. Alice In Wonderland based on the story by Lewis Carroll, Adapted by Lesley Sims and Illustrated by Mauro Evangelista. Below are some questions for you to answer after you have listened to the next part of the story. Questions : Answers can be posted on the […]