Addition and Subtraction Year 5

Year 5 in Mathematics this week you have been looking at multi-digit addition and subtraction.  I have a challenge I would like you to complete. Remember practise always helps. Solve these problems.  You can write the number sentence on a piece of paper along with the answers and your working out and hand it to […]

Year 5 Reading Gladiators

Introducing our Year 5 Reading Gladiators. We will be reading books, making inferences from the texts and enjoy reading! We will start by reading a book called ‘Hurricane’ written by David Wiesner. We can’t wait to see how this story unfolds…….

Maths Wizards Year 5 Homework

Dear Maths Wizards, I would like to you challenge yourselves. Can you work out the answers to these problems? I know you can! Joe and Molly shared a savings jar containing £6.40. Joe took 0.6 of the money and Molly took the rest. How much did they each take? In a competition Zara got 1/4 […]

Solids,liquids and gases -Year 5

In Science this week, we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We carried out experiments to see how much viscosity different liquids had. One group conducted an experiment testing the viscosity of different branded ketchups. What did you learn about viscosity? Were your predictions correct?   Which brand of ketchup had the highest […]

Winners of the Wow challenge 5 White

We are proud to announce joint winners Jessica and Zuzzana as our wow challenge winners. You have both worked extremely hard and shown exemplary creativity in creating your space rockets for our topic work.  We shall be proudly displaying in our class for all to enjoy. Well done girls be proud and keep up the […]

Coordinates in 4Blue.

We have been learning all about coordinates in 4 Blue.  Look at the photo below and identify the positions of  the children . Points to remember: the chairs were layed out in a  5×6 grid.  Use coordinates to show the position of each person, remember to use the axis (x,y). To help you use the […]

Reading comprehension (Green and Yellow group) 4Blue

This half term we have been writing our own newspaper articles about a Mexico earthquake. Please have a look at this newspaper article and answer the questions below:-  What is the headline for this article? How many people were killed in this earthquake? What was the magnitude on the Richter scale for this earthquake? What […]

4 Blue’s Independent Work

Mrs Raja Khan and I were super impressed with 4 Blue’s independent work this afternoon. We looked at the words polite and extraordinary.  We looked at  the definitions for these words and then used these words in our sentences.  Can you write some super sentences using these words? [pdf-embedder url=””]

Umar Sankoh- We are so proud of You!

This week 4 Blue would like to share a superstar amongst our midst.  Umar took part in an athletics tournament. He represented Broad Heath with children from Year 6 and competed against three other schools.  Umar did exceptionally well,  resulting in a Broad Heath win!   Thank you Umar you are a star!

Autumn 2: Spellings – Year 4

Welcome back Year 4,  here are you spellings for this half term.  Please practise them.   YEAR 4 : MONKEYS GROUP   Autumn 2 Spellings   Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 these mouse night three garden suddenly animals herd threw around laugh another next found couldn’t every much […]

Year 4 Spellings Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 4, here are your spellings for this half term.  Please practise. YEAR 4: MONKEYS GROUP   Autumn 1 Spellings   Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 water where think things thought other want would know eat round magic over school again everyone shouted cotton mummy stripy […]