1 Blue week 3 Super spellers

Well done to our super spellers . They are special this week because because all the children’s name start with A ⭐️ Ameera ,Adam,Ameya and Andrew. Next week let’s see if we get can more children on the blog with showing their scores. Keep practising.

Active Maths Yellow Blue group

WOW Mrs.Patel was so impressed with your Maths learning today. You all followed my instructions so well and some of you even used correct Maths vocabulary eg small number, more than and biggest number. Challenge How many cars can you count and see? There are 10 of these What is it? There are 9 rabbits […]

Week 1 Super Speller from 1 Blue

Well done to Elijah for scoring ten out of ten. This is a great start for Elijah who has been practising at home and school. Next week the teachers want to see more children with this score. Keep practising remember the spellings are on the blog and in the classroom too for you to practise.

Meet Miss Smith’s Baby Lilah…

WOW! What a lovely surprise we had this morning. We got to meet baby Lilah. She was so well behaved for everyone with lots of smiles😊👍🏼❤️⭐️🧸 Please watch the short video of her visit. Challenge – Can you tell me some ADJECTIVES to describe Lilah now we have met her? Read Mrs.Patel’s poem to help […]

Year One White Sport day 1st July 2022

Wow how lucky are we this week year 1 have had two sports day activites. A BIG thank you to all the parents who attended and supported. Well done. Thank you to all the children who took part the videos and photos shows all the evidence that you all enjoyed it. Thank you Mr. Rawlings […]

1 White Planting cress seeds…

Today we all planted our own cress seeds as part of our Science lesson . We were so lucky we met Lee while we were planting our seeds and spoke to him to take care of our plants. Thank you Lee Can you remember what we need to plant cress seeds? challenge How many days […]

Mrs.J Patel’s phonics group.

This week we have been learning the igh sound which has three letters but makes one sound. Did you know this is called a trigraph? We enjoyed making our kites but why did we make 🪁 kites? Can you tell me some words we learnt with igh trigraph? please enjoy the video… challenge Can you […]

Wednesday Well-Being day 1 white

Wow what a lovely active day of learning. Started with Music lesson with Mr.Russell. Our task was to change the words for the song Head shoulders knees and toes… Enjoy the song with new words. With Mr.Mahmood Movement and Sound. we had so much fun using an easter egg as a shaker. We had so […]

Mrs.J.Patel phonics group.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see? I see children looking for ch words…. Today the children went to the library looking for books with ch words. Challenge How many books did we find with words ch today? what was special about the word church?

Rockkidz at Broadheath school…🎼🎵🎤

Today, we ALL had fun enjoying the music with our special visitors. Both children and adults were all involved in the singing and dancing. What a great time we had! Can you remember what the letters Y.A.S.B.A stand for? Challenge You are all awesome, but what makes you AWESOME? What is the word that the […]

1W Keeping Foleshill Fantastic

When we were on our walk around the local area, we noticed that there is a big problem in Foleshill – LITTER POLLUTION. In fact, the children were quite disgusted by what they saw! Today in our Geography lesson, we thought about how we could make a difference to our environment. We were particularly concerned […]