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Mrs J Patel

Mrs J Patel

1 White’s Super Spellers. 30.11.23

Today we had the best score. Can you believe it? In 1W, 24 children got full marks in their spellings today! I would also like to say we had 4 children absent so it could have been even better. You…

Year 1 Swimming lesson 24.11.23

What do you enjoy about swimming? WOW Year 1! Today was the first time I’d been in your swimming lesson this year. I could not believe how confident you all were. I watched how you all got into the pool…

1 White’s Super spellers week 1

What a super start of the term with our spelling scores! This week, 16 children got top marks. Next week, we would like to see even more children on our spelling blog. Some children will not be in the photo…

Maths Shape week 1White.

Red group had a super time finding 3D shapes within the environment on our shape walk and were so confident in identifying and naming them. Afterwards, they worked as a group to sort the shapes, giving reasons for their choices.…

Super spelling scores 1 White.

Again, this week, we have some super 17 children with ten out of ten and three children with nine. Sama is not on blog as she was absent today. WELL DONE to all these children.

1 White Super spellers week 4

This weeks super spellers scores with ten out of ten and nines. We would like to see more children on the blog next week with super scores. Well done to these children this week.

1 White new vocabulary.

Today we used role play to help us learn new vocabulary from the story, Alien school. We used words such as swooped, ENORMOUS, launched, impossible, growled and trembled. Watch and enjoy the video … How can we find out what…

1 White’s week 3 super spellers.

WOW 1 white today’s score has to be the best results we’ve had and it’s only Autumn term week 3. What a score ! 20 children with ten out of ten 1 with 9 out of ten.Well done to all…

1 White’s week 2 super spellers.

This week again we have had super scores for spellings. Let’s see if we can have more children with ten out of ten. Start practising your week 3 spellings. I would like to say a BIG Thank you to all…

1 White’s week 1 super spellers.

WOW! Look at these children who have scored ten out of ten for our first spelling test. We are so proud of you all. 👏🏼 Let’s see if we can have more children on our Speedy Spelling road. Keep practising…

Our final Stay and Play

Thank you to all the parents who have supported us and your children in our stay and play sessions. First we would like to say Thank you to everyone who bought food for our picnic today. What a great picnic…

Week 3 super spellers.

Well done to all these children who scored ten of our ten and some with five out of five this week. I want so see more children on the blog this week. Keep practicing.


WOW ! look at all these children who scored ten out of ten this week. We are so proud of you all this week. Thank you to all other parents who are supporting their children to achieve this too.

1 Blue Music lesson.🎼🎼🎤🎶🎶

This morning we had a very exciting music lesson! We were given the opportunity to play the glockenspiels with Mr Russell. It was very important that we listened to the instructions so we could follow the rhythm and beat. We…

Super spellers week 1

Well done to these children who have had super scores first week back. Let’s see if can have more children next week on the blog so start practising your week two spellings please.

1 Blue Stay and play

This half term, in history, we have been learning all about old and new toys. On the first day back, some children brought their favourite toy to show to the rest of the class. They used clear voices to explain…

WOW Homework week 3

Well done to the children below who completed their Maths homework. This week, the children have been learning to count in 10’s. They found numbers in magazines or newspapers and used them to create their own 10’s number line.