Year 3 Egyptian Day 18th May

Hello everyone, We have some exciting news. On Wednesday 18th May 2022, Year 3 will be having an Egyptian Day. Over the past few weeks we have been learning about life in Ancient Egyptian times. The aim of this day is to help the children experience some  culture from this period. We would like all children to dress up […]

Year 3 Homework Summer 1 Week 2

Remember 2 pieces of homework need to be completed by Wednesday English and maths are set as todos on Purple Mash, your teachers will give you feedback there. The wow is to create a poster about light. Good work will be used on our science display, so please complete on Paper. If you need paper […]

Year 3 Homework Summer Week 1

Your homework this week is: Maths is on purple mash. Complete the todo for the xtable check. Your teachers will be able to see how you do. You will be repeating this homework in week 5 so you can look at your progress. English – In English this week we created book reviews using our […]

3 White Climbing Wall Fun!

As part of health week we had a great time experiencing a climbing wall. Even Miss Redhead and Miss Jephcott joined in with the fun! A special well done to Marwah who conquered her fear. We are all so proud of you! what did you think of this experience? How did you feel?

Message to Parents

Dear Parents,   You may have noticed in recent weeks members of the Year 3 team asking parents to stop by the year 4 classrooms and the MUGA. We would like to take this opportunity to explain why we are taking this action.  We are politely requesting that you stop so that we can ensure […]

Year 3 Fruit Competition

Hi Year 3, We are challenging you to see who can bring in the most unusual and exciting fruits as part of Health Week. This will form part of our lesson on Thursday 7th April 2022 and there will be the opportunity to create a dessert using this fruit!

Year 3 Homework Week 5

Hi Year 3 Your homework this week is to complete the 2dos on Purple Mash. Have a maths and English activity to complete. You do the work on purple mash and save it there! This weeks WOW homework is to create a picture with warm colours.

Year 3 Homework week 4

Hello year 3, this week for your homework you need to complete 2/3 activities. You can choose to post on the blog, do in your book or email a picture. Homework needs to be completed by Wednesday please. EnglishRecently we have been looking at inverted commas. Can you use inverted commas and write up the […]

Year 3 Geography Day Out

Today Year 3 visited Coventry City Centre as part of their geography learning. They were investigating to see whether or not people improve the environment or damage it. To do this the children conducted traffic surveys at 3 different locations: outside the school, by the Walk in Centre and in the City Centre. They also […]

Year 3 City Centre Geography Visit

Hi Parents, Just to let you know Year 3 will be going to the city centre tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd March 2022). We will be exploring a big question as part of our Geography learning. ‘Do people improve the environment?’ This is a perfect opportunity for use to get out and explore practically. Children need to […]

3 White explore feelings in a text

This week in guided reading we looked at the story Rain before Rainbows. children looked at the feelings that were shown using inferences from text and images. What does a rainbow symbolise? What does rain symbolise? What does sunshine symbolise? How do the girls feelings change in the story?

Year 3 Homework Week 2

This homework may be responded to on the blog or in your homework books and handed in before Wednesday. English Correct the extract below adding correct inverted commas: Your Plumbing Weekly…mmm. Let me think, have you looked beside the toffee bonbons? asked Raj. Yes, replied Ben. And it’s not underneath the colouring books? Raj asked. […]

Year 3 Homework Spring 2 Week 1

All homework this week must be completed in the orange homework books and handed in to the teachers in school on Wednesday 9th March 2022 Comprehension – Read the first chapter of Gangsta Granny (we have already done this in school) at this link. Answer the questions below: Comprehension Questions Why does Ben hate […]

Year 3 – Once Upon a Time … Online

To kick start our computing project after our well being day on Monday we looked at the story, ‘Once Upon a Time … Online.’ Our favourite fairy-tale friends found themselves in a dilemma when a mysterious laptop fell from Jack’s Beanstalk. They were soon pulled into the world wide web. What went wrong for Cinderella? […]

Year 3 World Book Day 3rd March 2022

Hello everyone, Such exciting news it is world book day on Thursday 3rd March 2022. We are asking that all children come to school dressed as a book character on this day. Look at the pictures below to give you some inspiration for the day. Please remember, you do not have to buy a costume […]

3 White D and T project week

This week in 3 White we have been working hard on designing and making our own clay pinch pots. What skills did you use to make your pot? How did you find making the paper plant pot? What must you remember to include on a plant pot? What would you like to sculpt with clay […]

Year 3 Homework Week 5

Please make sure homework is complete by Wednesday. You all have orange homework books at home, this week all homework must be completed in there and returned to school to be marked. I have turned comments off because you are expected to do it in your book and bring it back. Maths: Play the game […]