Our trip

Some children from reception Red went to the farm today! We had a lovely time and, if you didn’t join us, we hope you had a lovely time too! Challenge: talk to your family about each part of the trip: your journey, seeing the animals and your time at the park.

England day!

Today, we have celebrated England getting into the final of the euros! We have done so much: we have pretended to be footballers in training; we have made England flag biscuits; we have created a football and we had a party time eating our biscuits and dancing to some songs. Come on England – good […]

Let’s go on a journey…

Yesterday, Red, Orange and Green group recalled our journey to the park and made a map. Then, we talked about what we saw as we walked. Here is an example of the fantastic work yellow and blue group did… Challenge: retell the journey to someone in your family.

Our journey to the park

Today, Reception took a lovely walk to Swanswell park. We talked about what we saw on the way and what we expect to see on the way back. Challenge: what did we see on our journey? Can you talk about the journey in order?

Going on a journey

This week, Reception Red made a choice on which journey to go on and they role played their adventure. We talked about how we would get there and made appropriate decisions for the trip. Please enjoy our videos… Red Group go to the park Orange group go the garden centre Yellow group go to the […]

Reception Home Learning: Maths (22.06.21)

Let’s warm up our brains… Today, we are going to be extending our knowledge of subtraction by reading a number sentence, understanding what it means and drawing a picture to represent the number sentence. Watch the video to find out more… Bronze: use toys to solve the subtraction sentences. Silver: read the number sentences and […]

Reception Home learning: Maths (18.06.2021)

Welcome to our shape, space and measures blog! We are continuing with our transport theme and exploring shapes in transport. Bronze Let’s sing the names of 2D and 3D shapes… What 2D shapes can you see in the pictures? Watch the Mrs Maker Video below and use a range of different objects in your house […]

We are Coventrians!

Today, we have been learning about a famous Coventrian, James Starley! We have been enthused that he is from the same city as us, so we looked at what he invented and we became inventors like him… We developed our understanding of past and present by exploring the development of the bike and looked and […]

Life Changes: Spiders

We have enjoyed learning about spiders this week. We have talked about what they look like and how they grow and change. Crawl through our learning… English Maths: Number Maths: Shape, Space and Measure We measured spider webs using cubes and then ordered them by length. We recognise long and short, and can use these […]

Let’s Celebrate Learning

This week we have celebrated learning by creating a special day for each subject area. We have realised that we have gained so much in reception. We hope you enjoy our learning showcased in this blog… Phonics Day Number day Shape, Space and Measure Day What do we measure when we use the keywords ‘tall’ […]

Reception Homework Week 5

Each week you will be set a piece of Literacy and Mathematics homework online to complete. There is also a WOW homework which is optional. The homework will be set every Friday and needs to be completed by Wednesday of the following week in your homework books and uploaded to your class links below. Please […]

👍 We need junk 👍

To help us with our creative learning next week, we need bottle caps, kitchen roll tubes and toilet roll tubes by Wednesday 24th March, so the items can be fogged before use! We will keep it a surprise for what we are making because we are sure your child will tell you all about it […]

👨‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️ People who help us: doctors 👨‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️

Continuing our fabulous theme of people who help us, this week we explored doctors! We role played being doctors, we explored measure through ‘medicine bottles’ (we like to pretend) and we developed our imaginations through construction! Plus, we continue to learn more in our phonics and maths lessons and apply this in our independent learning. […]

Super teachers!!

Our topic for the term is ‘people who helps us’, and this week we have been learning about teachers. We have realised how super teachers are and can talk about what they do. Watch Red and Green group, role playing their super teacher and find out about the powers they have… *Challenge* Tell your adult […]

Reception Home Learning – Maths (3.03.21)

Happy Wednesday Reception superstars :D Let’s continue to practice our shape, space and measure learning by joining in with these 2D and 3D shape songs… Today’s Maths is continuing to recognise shapes in our environment. Watch the video below to see Police officer Carter finding shapes… Task: Find 3 2D or 3D shapes around your […]

Reception Home Learning-Topic (2.3.21)

Hello my creative crimefighters! For today’s lesson you will need a junk piece of card, cellotape, scissors and a pen. Watch the video to find out more about what we are making today… Now you have made your police badge, it’s time to learn the words to our song and create a performance video. Please […]

📚Zoom story time📚

Hello reception red! On Tuesday 2nd March at 2pm we will have a live story time. Please use the link below with our usual password (our class name in capital letters) to join us – this is an expectation, not an option. https://zoom.us/j/97016793944?

Zoom meetings for 26.02.21

Good evening, and happy Thursday everybody! I would like to remind you that we will be meeting through Zoom tomorrow. Option 1 – Friday at 10:00am on the link https://zoom.us/j/94208975742Option 2 – Friday at 11:00am on the link https://zoom.us/j/97272422925 The password for you to enter is the name of our colour class in capital letters. […]

Reception Home Learning: Number (24.02.21)

Hello firefighters of the future! Let’s warm up our number brains with a number bond song and recap our learning. If you are these children, we would like you to click on the link below and watch the video called ‘Session 5’, and then complete the activity and the challenge below. RRed- Fatima, Ziyaan, AntonioRWhite- Shaheer, […]

Reception Home Learning: Topic (23.02.21)

Hello Reception superstars! I hope you are enjoying our topic ‘People who help us’ and learning about firefighters. Let’s learn some more and get creative today. Watch the video to learn more about what firefighters wear and why. Today we are going to make our own firefighter hat. You will need a paper plate, paint/colouring […]

Reception Home Learning – Maths (22.02.21)

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have had a lovely and restful half term. Let’s warm up our brains and recap our learning… In our shape, space and measure learning this week, you will be a happy firefighter and explore with water. Watch each video below and then complete the task. Task: take a video […]