Amazing Animals!

In Science this week, we have a recognised a variety of animals and their body parts. Then, we made models and recognised whether they are amphibians or reptiles. Please enjoy our video…

Fiction and Non-fiction

This week we are learning to identify fiction and non-fiction. We are looking for the features of non-fiction in a variety of books and talking about them too! We learnt loads in our first lesson on it…

Kenyan Christmas

We celebrated a Kenyan style Christmas based on our story book. We developed our listening skills and imagination whilst playing our made up game of musical balance. Plus, we decorated our classrooom with paper chains and we all became elves for the day!

1 Red in Kenya

During Celebrations Around the World week, 1 Red virtually travelled to Kenya; discussed Kenyan life and made Kenyan necklaces. We have developed our knowledge of the world, our recognition of shapes, our speaking and listening skills and our respect of other cultures.

Superstar reader!

What a superstar! Our young reader has shown great enthusiasm and understanding of the text she has been reading. She followed instructions to make her own musical instrument. We were so excited that we had to play it together!

Cubes…cubes everywhere!

In 1 Red we developed our fine motor skills by making a cube from spaghetti and play doh. This helped us to recognise how many faces a cube has, understand the term ‘faces’ and recognise corners. After, we talked about ither 3D shapes and how many faces they have.

Would you be a great ECO Warrior?

As ECO coordinator, Mrs Carter is creating a group of tenacious, respectful and caring children to help us actively play a part in looking after our environment and thinking about looking after our world. We would like a grandparent/mum/dad or carer to be involved in with supporting our ECO Warriors every half term to develop […]

Following instructions

This week the children are learning about instructions. We have identified imperative verbs (bossy verbs) in a text and read a text to complet a task. Through this we have developed our reading skills of blending words using phonics and our understanding of what we are reading. Look at how much fun we had…

1 Red’s Extra Creative Homework

We would like the children to get creative at home! We are creating a phonics display and would love some of the children’s aliens on the wall. As we know so many parents are very creative in 1 Red, we would like you to help your child make an alien to go on display. Here […]

Rhyme Time!

Joining in with nursery rhymes and songs is very important to a child’s development and enjoyment of music. Please watch our video of a group enjoying ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ and then another group learning and innovating the 5 senses rhyme.

1 Red’s story!

1 Red have done lots of role play, speaking and listening and writing to create their own story. We are so proud of the progress they have made throughout this half term and they would love you to listen to their story…

Year 1 Trip News!

We are excited to inform you that year 1 are going to visit the Coventry Transport Museum on Wednesday 17th July. This will enhance our learning of James Starley for project week! If you would like to volunteer to support your child on the trip, please speak with your class teacher.