2 Red- Importance of handwashing

We carried out an experiment in Science Today to help us to understand the importance of washing our hands.  As germs are so tiny that we cannot see them, we used glitter to represent the germs. Watch our video: How can we keep our hands clean? Why is it important to keep our hands clean? […]

2Red- Super singing

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Temple who taught our music lesson. We learnt a song and even included a rap in the middle! Watch our video: What was the song about? At what time of year do you think this song is set? Why?  

Year 2 Basic Skills-Reading

Watch the video clip ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ from Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes. The text is also attached below for you to read through. GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS Bronze 1.Why did the bears go for a walk? 2. What did Goldilocks do wrong? Silver 3.How do you think Baby bear felt when his […]

2Red- Fantastic Mr Fox narrative writing

Hi Year 2, This week we have been working on using a range of skills to improve our story writing including exclamation sentences, adjectives, adjectival phrases and a range of sentence openers. Retell the chapter of the story where Mr Fox visits Chicken house number one using the skills we have been learning. All aboard […]

2Red visit to Twycross Zoo!

Today 2Red have visited the zoo. It was fantastic seeing so many different animals and being super Broad Heath citizens.  What have you learnt? Which animals did you see? Which animals were your favourite? Describe the animal. Challenge: Create a fact file about one of the animals. See example:elephant

2Red-Exclamation sentences

2Red have been learning about exclamation sentences this week in English. We have created some of our own exclamation sentences about Fantastic Mr Fox. Please watch our video:  T-L-5604-Exclamation-Sentence-Crib-Sheet-Display-Poster Write your own exclamation sentences! Use the poster above to help you. Challenge Rewrite part of Fantastic Mr Fox including narrative, dialogue and exclamation sentences!   […]

Year 2 trip to Twycross zoo

On Wednesday 27th April, Year 2 will be visiting Twycross Zoo. Here are a few things you need to know: You can wear your own sensible clothes including sensible shoes, but please wear your school jumper. Your children will receive a free school lunch, but feel free to send the children with their own if […]

Year 2- How are islands formed?

  Bronze Are most islands small or large? What is the name of the island which broke away from Africa? How can people travel to small islands? Silver What is an island? How do plants start to grow on new islands? Gold How do volcanoes grow bigger? How were some islands cut off from large […]

Year 2- Different types of food.

Year 2 are learning about how to have a healthy, balanced diet.  You worked in teams to sort food in different ways using a venn diagram or a carroll diagram. Follow the link to play the game: http://www.foodafactoflife.org.uk/Activity.aspx?contentId=55&sectionId=37&siteId=3   Then answer the questions: What different food types are there? Which types of food should we […]

2Red-Engineering week

This week has been engineering week where Year 2 have focused on ‘crashing’. We learnt what engineers are and what some of them do. We identified how we are safe in cars and used this to help us to plan our own car design. We followed instructions to build our very own wind car and […]

Year 2- Staying safe in the car.

Read through the information from the best lawyer – Hornsby, Watson & Hornsby are premier Huntsville personal injury attorneys – and answer the questions. Make sure you answer in full sentences!   Seat Belt Basics Whenever you ride in a car, wear your seatbelt every time. No matter how short the trip is — even if it’s only […]

Year 4- Which Tudor monarch was most successful?

This half term we have been learning about the Tudor reign in Britain. We have researched and learnt facts about each of the Tudor monarchs and events that happened during their reign. Use your reasoning skills to decide which Tudor monarch you feel was the most successful.  Think about good and bad decisions they made […]

4 White- visit to Bosworth battlefield

Today 4 White have been lucky enough to visit Bosworth battlefield to help us gain more understanding about how the Tudor reign began. Why is the Battle of Bosworth such an important event in Tudor history? What have you learnt about this event? Watch our video to see what amazing things we did!   https://youtu.be/Yu_SNoOmdNU […]

Year 4- Easter glossary

Use a dictionary to help you to create a glossary with words associated with Easter. Remember a glossary should be in alphabetical order and should include the definitions of the words. Here are a few words you could include:  Easter, Lent, resurrection, cross, betrayal, temptation Include your own Easter vocabulary too!  

Year 4- A day at Hogwarts

Today was World book day so in Year 4 we took at trip to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry! Well done to everyone for making a fantastic effort with your costumes! Take a look at our class photos! You attended a potions class with Voldermort, Care of magical creatures class with Hermione and took […]

Year 4- Reading about Henry VIII

1.When was Henry VIII born? 2.Who were his parents? 3.What profession did Henry’s parents intend him to follow? 4.Where did Henry and his brother and sisters live when they were children? Why? 5.What does the word ‘destined’ mean? 6.Find out what a harpsichord is and write a description of it. 7.Find another word that means […]

Year 4- Writing headlines

Look at the well-known fairy tales below. *Cinderella *The three little pigs *Goldilocks and the three bears *Little Red Riding Hood Think of a headline which would be appropriate for each tale. Try to use alliteration, puns, omission to ensure they are interesting and catchy. The best headlines will receive a special prize!  

Year 4

Extract from Harry Potter October arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into the castle. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, was kept busy by a sudden spate of colds among the staff and students. Her Pepperup potion worked instantly, though it left the drinker smoking at the ears for several hours afterward. Ginny Weasley, […]

Year 4-Parent’s meeting- 02/03/16

Hi Year 4, There will be a meeting for parents of Year 4 pupils on Wednesday 2nd March 2016. This will be held in the Parent’s Room. It will finish in time for you to collect your children at home time. This is an opportunity to come along and gain some insight into how you and […]

Year 4- The Battle of Bosworth

Read through the slides to learn about The battle of Bosworth, then answer the questions below. 1Who were the two families at war during the Battle of Bosworth? 2What were the family’s symbols? 3.Why did both sides go to war? 4. How long had both sides been arguing? 5.How many men did both sides have […]

4White- You’re my best friend

4White have had a super music week. We have been learning about the British band, Queen. We have created our own music video of their song ‘You’re my best friend’ and also performed this at the Broad Heath Brit awards!   We have learnt how to play part of our song on the ukulele and […]

Library club- Spring 1

In library club, we have been busy! We have been using the books to help us to identify interesting words and phrases which we have discussed and written down. We have read stories in the news this week using ‘Newsround’ website. What has happened in the world this week? What has surprised you? http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround We […]

Year4- Blitz night

Year 4 have had a Blitz night sleepover  tonight. They have been imagining what life was like as an evacuee by spending the night away from their parents and doing wartime activities. We experienced a walk in the playground, in the dark, to try to understand what it was like during a blackout. We have […]

Year 4 Birmingham Botanical Gardens trip

Year 4 pupils have received a letter about an upcoming trip that we will be doing. Please see the letter below. Please could you send your £10 and reply slip into school by Friday 29th January 2016 to secure your place. Botanical gardens letter   Here is the link to where we are going! How […]