Entrepreneur week in 2 Red

We have had busy but fun few days. Take a look below at just some of our learning. Can you help me? I have 90p and I want to buy 3 bars of chocolate that cost 20p each. I also want to buy a smaller one that costs 15p. Have I got enough money? Will […]

How is chocolate made?

It All Starts at the Cacao Tree Cocoa pods on the cacao tree get picked when they are a burgundy brown colour–this is when they are ripe. Did You Know? Some Cocoa pods are as big as a rugby ball. Inside the cocoa pod are between 20-50 seeds–this is what we know as cocoa beans, […]

Engineers in 2 Red

2 Red have been fantastic engineers today. We wore clothes that engineers might wear and as part of our topic on Coventry, we have investigated watchmaking, the car industry and weaving. Today we became engineers. We designed and made our own cars, learned about Cash’s and had a go at weaving and even made our […]

Role play in 2 Red

Today we discussed an extract from the story, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and then acted it out to help us recognise how the characters were feeling. Take a look at our video below. We were brilliant! How do you think Mr Fox felt when the ceiling was coming down? Why? Why did he feel relieved when […]

2 Red following Instructions

In English we are learning about instructions. Today, we read instructions on how to make a banana milkshake and then followed them carefully. We were delighted with the result. Our milkshake tasted delicious! Write a list of ingredients and then write the instructions explaining how to make a banana milkshake.

2 Red Super Spellers

All the children tried hard and practised their spellings this week. Well done to the 24 children who scored 10 out of 10 and also to the children who were ‘nearly there, scoring 9. A great end to a super week 2 Red.

Science in 2 Red

Our learning during science week is based around Dinosaurs. How exciting! We have created a volcano – soon to erupt! We have also made our own fact files using Purple Mash, used Stop Animation, created some delicious dinosaur nest cakes and even been lucky enough to watch a visiting scientist in action. I wonder what […]

2 Red World Book Day!

What a fantastic time we had! The children had a brilliant time using their imagination to explore the story, Flotsam. They role played parts of the story, created their own underwater world, wrote a setting description and even interviewed each other. Well done 2 Red. Mrs Browning and myself are so proud of you. Willy […]

Captain Invincible in 2 Red

During Shape and Investigation week 2 Red shared an adventure story about Captain Invincible and his trusty dog, Comet. What parts of the story did you enjoy? What parts of the story did you dislike? Explain your answers. Name the shapes on the control panel and list some properties.

2 Red SOLE

The children were set the task of finding out which band from the 90’s was the most and least popular. They collected information by visiting each class and asking the adults which band they preferred out of a chosen few. They created a tally chart and transferred the information onto a block diagram. Here is […]

Shapes in 2 Red

In maths this week we have been learning to identify the properties of 2D shapes. What can you tell me about the shapes below? We worked together to group shapes by their properties.

2 Red and Horrid Henry

This week 2 Red shared the story, Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady. In groups, they discussed and acted out their favourite parts. Which part did you like best? Why?  Below is a clip of the story.