Multiples of 5 with Caterpillars

We have been learning our 5 times table. Caterpillar group have been busy identifying and ordering multiples of 5. Take a look at how brilliant they are below. For lots of fun activities to help you practise your 5 times table follow the link below. What do the answers in the 5 times table […]

Bangladesh in 2 Red

Watch our video to discover some of the learning we have taken part in this week. What a wonderful ending to the term. Well done 2 Red! What have you learned about Bangladesh? What was the title of the traditional tale from Bangladesh we learned about? Who where the main characters in the story? Can […]

2 Red SOLE Project

Some of the children in 2 Red were given a challenge. Is Bangladesh a good place to go on holiday? The children chose to create a pic collage each in response.  Would you like to go on holiday to Bangladesh? Why? 

Look at our boats!

We were set a challenge for homework not only to create a pirate boat, but to create one that floats. How amazing they all are! Take a look at some of them below.  Did our boats float? We put them in water to find out.  What materials did you use to make your boat? Which […]

2 Red Winter Poetry

This week, the  children in 2 Red have been learning about poetry. First, they read a variety of winter poems and performed them, adding their actions and instruments. Next, they explored a variety of adjectives and then used these to enhance their own winter poems. Take a look below. Well done 2 Red. What a […]

2 Red step inside the Gingerbread House!

After sharing the traditional tale, Hansel and Gretel, we were so excited to find out that the Gingerbread House was ‘For Sale’ and used our imagination to take a walk into the forest to have a look at where it was situated. We were amazed at what we saw and decided to book an appointment […]

2 Red Topic Homework

The children have been learning about the Great Fire of London. They researched the buildings, the materials they were made out of and discussed why the fire spread so quickly.  For homework they created some fantastic 3D models. Take a look at a few of them below.  What material were the houses made out of? […]

2 Red Stars

We are so proud of all the children in 2 Red. This week we are especially proud of Abdulasiis and Sadeen. Abdulasiis has worked  really hard at his writing skills and has made super progress. Sadeen has worked hard at her maths and is now able to add two digit numbers confidently. Well done!

2 Red Traditional Tales

What an exciting week we have had! First, we visited each Year 2 classroom to see a traditional tale being read and performed by the teachers. Next, we discussed the features of traditional tales, took notes and used these to create our own video highlighting the features Of traditional tales and finally, we actually went […]

Literary Figure Week in 2 Red

2 Red’s featured author, John Agard, wrote the poetry book ‘Come All You Little Persons’. The children have had a fun packed week researching the author and taking part in learning activities based around the book.  They have recited the poem, introduced their own characters, written character descriptions, and much more. Take a look at […]

2 Red – Art Week

Well, what a fantastic week we have had! The week has been full of ideas, experiences,  fun, learning new skills and experimenting with a variety of media.  We have created some great artwork.  Take a look at our video and photos below. What have you learned about Leonardo Da Vinci? What skills did you learn?

2 Red – The Mona Lisa

Why did Leonardo Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa? How old is the painting? Where was the Mona Lisa painted? How long did it take to paint? Why is the Mona Lisa famous? What is Mona Lisa wearing in the painting?

Year 2 Alliteration

This week, in Literacy, we are focusing on poetry. Today we are learning about alliteration. This is where words begin with the same sounds. Choose some of these seaside nouns and add an alliterative adjective or verb to match. For example, sneaky seagulls or bouncing beach balls.

Snippets of our Learning in 2 Red

This week in 2 Red we have been busy planning and writing a recount of our trip to Weston-Super-Mare. First, we worked in groups to create our plan with some of us drawing pictures to depict events that took place. We placed these on a time line in chronological order to help us remember and […]

Challenges – 2 Red

Well done 2 Red! Most of you have completed the Year 2 challenges. If you are one of the children still to do so, please don’t forget! Below is a super challenge that Safah completed on paper. 

2 Red Hygiene

In Science we are learning about the importance of hygiene.  After class discussion, the children in Ladybird group chose clips they thought we should showcase. They also independently videoed themselves discussing hand washing and the importance of cleaning their teeth. Take a look below.

2 Red homework and more

We are so proud of the children in 2 Red who are all flying ahead and making progress. They are kind, considerate and each and everyone of them always tries hard at everything they attempt. Flying together, completing homework with a smile. Arafath is working hard in maths!  A special ‘thank you’ to Safah for […]

2 Red Super Spellers

Well done to the 17 children below who scored 10 out of 10 in their spellings this week. Keep up the good work! All of the children in 2 Red improved their score. Keep trying and you will succeed. We are really proud of you.