Year 5 paper request

Year 5 will be having a collaging lesson next Friday (25.3.22) and need different coloured paper in the form of magazines, leaflets and newspapers. Please could you bring into school any of these items that you have finished with for us to use for Art. These will be cut up and won’t be returned so […]

Year 5 8:30-9am interventions

This is a reminder for the following children to ensure they are in school by 8:30am for their intervention groups. If there are any problems please speak with your teacher. Monday 5Red Boys reading intervention – Taha, Abraham, Khairy, Abdul, and Kevin. Tuesday Mrs Khan’s times table group: Shaikh, Rubinio, Zahra, Hasti, Inaaya, Brooke, Naimol, […]

5Blue The Hobbit day

For World book day, we have been learning about The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien. Throughout the day we watched extracts from the film The Hobbit and read parts from the book too. We have developed an understanding of the story line, made inferences, developed language and vocabulary through drama. Costumes We have had some wonderful ‘The […]

5Blue- Design and Technology week

This week, the children were given the following design brief. The children investigated cam mechanisms and identified the different components. They looked at different shaped cams and discussed how they moved differently. What is a cam? What is a follower? What different types of cams have you learnt about and how do they work? They […]

Year 5 Reading challenge – Spring 2

Hi Year 5, Your challenge is to read through this article (click on the link): The article is on whether dams destroy rivers – you need to read it through all the way to the end (you may need to look up any words you are unfamiliar with). This is a challenging piece, but it […]

Year 5 World Book day 3.3.22

To introduce our fantasy genre of reading and writing this half term we are going to immerse ourselves in the shire from the story ‘The Hobbit, By J.R.R Tolkien’ for World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March 2022. We encourage all the children to begin reading the story (And parents to read to their children) […]

5Blue- Joy of movement Week 5

Today we looked at hydration. we have learnt how we can stay hydrated and why it is important. We discussed signs that might indicator we are dehydrated. What is hydration? How can you ensure you are hydrated? Which liquids should we be drinking as children? What should we avoid and why? How do we lose […]

5Blue- Joy of movement challenge.

This week you looked at eating a balanced diet. This week’s challenge: You have been set a challenge to design and make a balanced, healthy meal. once you have done this please take a photograph of your meal and share on this upload link. Leave a comment to example what different food groups different parts […]

5 Blue are toy makers!

This half term, we have looked at how levers work. How are levers used in everyday life? What are the main parts of a lever? We looked at some Victorian style toys and identified the parts of a lever. We played with wooden toys which use working using levers. We identified the parts. We designed […]

5Blue-Joy of movement week 2

This week we have focused on bind and mind. The children have developed understanding of how physical activity can effect the body and mind. We thought about different physical activity and whether they fit into the categories of strength, stamina and flexibility. We spelt our name using this page and carried out the matching activity. […]

5Blue’s visit to the Black Country Museum

Today we visited the Black Country Museum! We experienced what a Victorian Main Street was like. We visited the general store, pawn brokers, a hardware store and a chemist. What types of things could you buy at a hardware store? Can you explain what the items in these photographs were used for? In the chemist […]

Year 5- Black Country Living Museum Trip

Year 5’s trip to the Black Country Living Museum will take place tomorrow (Wednesday 19th January 2022) Children need to ensure they are in school on time, ideally at 8:30am. The coach will not wait if you are late. We will be returning to school within the school day so home time will remain the […]

5 Blue-Joy of movement Week 1

We were very lucky to have Harry and Johnny from Sky Blues to come and work with us today as part of the Joy of Movement program. This will happen ever Friday this half term. We discussed what physical activity is and the different types there are with Harry. What is a vigorous activity?Can you […]

5 Blue Detective performances

We acted out a scene from Sherlock Holmes story. We had to empathise with the characters and think carefully about our body language and facial expressions as well as the sequence and language used. What has been done well? How could these performances be improved? How was Abigail feeling when she arrived in Sherlock’s parlour? […]

Year 5- PE Kits

Year 5 will continue to have PE on a Monday so will need to continue to wear their kit into school on Mondays. Additionally this half term, Year 5 will also need to wear their PE kits in school on a Friday. Year 5 will be taking part in the Joy of Moving programme as […]

5B Persuasion

As we have been learning about persuasive texts this week, we challenged the children to persuade someone to by some interesting items including chocolate ants, skirts for boys and nappies for all ages! We presented these to the class, please see our video below. What persuasive tricks have the children used?

5B- Packaging

This week we made Paella. What cooking techniques did we use? The children were challenged to design packaging for their paella. They followed instructions to measure and build their own net of a cuboid using squared paper. What knowledge did you have to have about cuboids in order to create this net? Next they designed […]

5 Blue’s fantastic Adventure Stories

In English, we have been learning about adventure stories. We have read ‘The road to El Dorado’ and have created our own adventure stories in a similar style. Children have worked hard to draft, edit and improve their stories to ensure it includes all the features of an adventure story. What are the key features […]

Year 5- Active maths

To develop and consolidate our multiplication knowledge, we went outside onto the playground to play a range of games. We recalled our multiplication facts and identified factors and multiples. Hopscotch We identified multiples and factors, including all factor pairs of a number and common factors of two numbers. We had a number grid in chalk […]

Year 5 Homework Week 1

Hello Year 5, Here is your homework for this week: Education City game is called: Play live multiplication and Factor or Fiction. The Reading challenge is on the Challenge section of the blog- please use the share point for this. WOW- Please bring this in to show us! Have a great weekend!

5Blue- Separating mixtures

The children in Year 5 helped the teachers today when some materials were accidentally mixed up! The children made suggestions about how the materials could be separated and discussed if the change was reversible or not. What does reversible mean? We discussed method of separation and decided on sieving, filtering and Evaporating. Challenge: How did […]

5 Blue went on an adventure!

As we have started our adventure stories unit in English, we decided to go on an adventure! we followed clues around school which led us to ‘The City of Gold’. We used our imagination to think about how it feels to be on an adventure. Following our adventure, we read the text ’ The road […]

Year 5- To understand the effect of Gravity

over the last two weeks, 5 Blue have been investigating Gravity and its effects. Firstly, we looked at this concept cartoon: What were your initial thoughts? How have they changed? Children were challenged to create a plan to successfully land a probe on Mars. What are the difficulties with landing a probe on Mars? In […]