2 Blue DT week

We have produced some amazing work this week using a range of skills. We have designed, joined components to make mechanisms, painted backgrounds and then assembled it all together to make a moving picture.

Animation 2Blue

We have been working hard preparing items to create an animation video to retell the story ’Troll stinks’. We made the characters and the settings for each part of the story so we are ready to do our filming. I can’t wait to see the finished results…

2 Blue DT

We designed and made a carry case which is large enough to carry a thermometer. We were inspired by the work of Florence Nightingale and her fantastic work in the hospitals long ago. We designed our case, then used joining and finishing techniques to create our work.

2 Blue English

We have been learning about Francesca Simon, she is an author who wrote the series of Horrid Henry books. We enjoyed reading some of these books and describing the character, using commas to separate words in a list. We learnt about writing in the first person and the third person. The children used this when […]

Year 2 Citizenship

In Year 2 we have such kind, caring children. They have been learning about what it means to be a good citizen. Lots of our Broad Heath values can we used in the world around us to be good citizens. We thought about how we show these and the things we can do to be […]

Science in 2 Blue

Today we met the beautiful baby River-moon and his lovely mum, who was kind enough to help us with our learning in Science. We thought of lots of questions to ask and we found out lots about new born babies.

History in 2Blue

Today we learnt about 2 famous British engineers. Their work lives on today and we discussed how their work changed lives for the better. Then we were engineers and had a great time creating our own suspension bridges. I love how you worked together and helped each other, well done 2 Blue.

2 Blue Science

Today we helped the 3 Bears with a problem they had. They needed a nice relaxing cup of tea, but they didn’t know which material would be best to make a teabag for their loose tea leaves. I think they will very impressed with the children’s investigation skills to find out the answer.

2 Blue G7

We are learning about France this week as they are part of the G7 summit. Climate change and plastic pollution are some of the issues we have been discussing. We investigated how we could make positive changes. We enjoyed taking part in activities to develop our coordination.

2 Blue African art

This week is Art around the world project week. We have been inspired to produce some fantastic art work by looking at the artist Gakonga. He was born in Kenya, Africa and used the bright colours around him in his work.

Healthy Bodies

Watch the video then answer the questions. 1)Name 2 food in the dairy group. 2)Which foods would you find in the fatty and sugary food group? 3)How many glasses of water should you drink every day? 4)How long should you exercise for each day? 5)Name 4 different ways you can exercise?

Great start in 2 Blue

The children have started the week off working so hard, we are very proud of them. Our project week this week is called ’This is me!’ and we have been learning all about each other. We created portraits of ourselves by mixing paint to match our skin colour them using collage materials to add in […]