2 Blue Habitats

To complete our exciting Science unit on habitats today, we worked together to create our own habitats. We found out about different habitats by researching them then used our creative skills to make them. We think they look fantastic. Well done 2 Blue. Which animals would live in the habitat you created?

1 Red transition day

Wow what a great day we had meeting you all today! It was lovely to find about about you and we had lots of fun. We are all very proud of you and the way you behaved in your new year 1 class. What did you enjoy about today?

Welcome to Year 1

A big hello to you all from Miss Ramsell and Mrs Mattu. We will be with you in Year 1. Your new class will be 1 Red. Watch the video to find out more!Comment below to let us know what you are looking forward to when you come to Year 1.

2 Blue perform poems

Today we learnt some silly poems and rhymes. We worked together showing teamwork and imagination to perform these poems. Listen carefully to how we use expression and intonation and watch how we added our own actions. Do you have a favourite poem?

Telling the time in 2 Blue

We have been learning the very important skill of telling the time. It is something you will use all through your life. Keep practising 2 Blue. Look at clocks all aroud you at different points in your day. There are lots of clocks around school, how many can you spot? Tell the time when you […]

Year 2 Art Day materials

Next Friday will be Art Builders Day. We will be creating a large piece of artwork using a range of recycled materials. Please can you bring in some plastic milk containers, newspaper, long clean socks or unwanted unused tights. As these are to be used in the art work they will not be returned. Many […]

Science in 2 Blue

We have enjoyed the story ’Fantastic Mr Fox’ in our English work. We wanted poor Mr Fox to be safe, warm and protected, so we asked the question… How can we make a shelter for Mr Fox? We thought about which materials we would use to ensure he would be safe, warm and protected. Then […]

Our day in Coventry City.

Today we walked down into the city centre. We looked at lots of landmarks as we move around the city centre. We visited the Herbert Art Gallery and looked at the exhibitions, then took a tour around the Transport Museum’. What a busy day, we we gained a lot and had a great time. Which […]

A message from Miss Ramsell.

Hi all, unfortunately I need to take some time away from school for medical\health reasons. I will be off from Tuesday 22nd March and back after the Easter break, ready for some more fantastic learning in the summer term. While I am away the children will have teachers they are already familiar with. I know […]

2 Blue DT week

We have produced some amazing work this week using a range of skills. We have designed, joined components to make mechanisms, painted backgrounds and then assembled it all together to make a moving picture.

Animation 2Blue

We have been working hard preparing items to create an animation video to retell the story ’Troll stinks’. We made the characters and the settings for each part of the story so we are ready to do our filming. I can’t wait to see the finished results…

2 Blue DT

We designed and made a carry case which is large enough to carry a thermometer. We were inspired by the work of Florence Nightingale and her fantastic work in the hospitals long ago. We designed our case, then used joining and finishing techniques to create our work.