PE kits

The children will be completing a discrimination workshop tomorrow afternoon. As part of this workshop they will be completing sports activities, so they can therefore wear their PE kits tomorrow.

4 Red- Exploring stories with dilemmas

This week 4 Red have begun exploring stories with dilemmas. We have discussed dilemmas characters face in stories that we know and what a dilemma is. We have begun looking at a new story called ‘The great Kapok tree’. This story is about a logger (someone who cuts down trees) who is spoken to by […]

4 Red- Presentation

4 Red have been working really hard on their handwriting all week. We have shown great improvements in our presentation. Here are some words that you can use to practice your handwriting at home. Write a line of each word on a piece of paper or in your homework book using your best handwriting.

4 Red are exploring fractions

Today we have explored what a fraction is and identified different fractions. We found out that fractions show equal parts of a whole. We used several resources to find fractions and explored different ways that we can represent each fraction. We also discussed how a fraction is represented and what each number in a fraction […]


Each half term we complete a big spelling test, this tests our knowledge of many different words. These words are called common exception words. This is because these spellings do not follow a spelling rule. Below are the spellings that we test over the term. They are split into two different tests. You have been […]

Narrative poetry

This week we have been beginning to look at narrative poetry. Narrative poems tell a story using a range of figurative language. The key features of a narrative poem are that it tells a story and includes carefully chosen vocabulary. Additionally, it should follow a rhyming pattern and is separated into stanzas. How are these […]

4 Red have been exploring area.

This week in 4 Red we have been exploring a new topic in our maths focusing on area. We found out that area is the space occupied by the surface of a 2D shape. We explored the area of objects in our classroom using post it notes. First, we estimated what we thought the area […]

Short division guide

This week, year 4 have been learning different methods for dividing two and three-digit numbers by a one- digit number. We have learnt a number of methods for division including partitioning and the short division method. Here is a guide to calculating using the short division method: Division without exchanges: Division with exchanges: Division with […]

4 Red- Electricity

This half term, we have been learning about electricity and exploring how we can create light. This week we focused on how we can control the flow of electricity and discussed how switches work. We even had the opportunity to create our own switch using a paper clip and split pins. We explored switches today […]

Year 4 Spring 1 Week 1 Homework

This week, you have some lovely homework activities. They need to be completed by Wednesday and you need to let your teacher know about any difficulties by Monday. English Using your week 2 spellings, create interesting and engaging sentences. Think about a variety of sentence openers, multi-clause sentences and your use of descriptive vocabulary to […]

4 Red magnificent multiplying and dividing.

This week 4 Red have been learning some new times tables including their 7s, 9s, 11s and 12. We have been applying our knowledge of these times table when dividing and in word problems. We have used partitioning, arrays and jottings to help us with our work this week. Challenge: Practice your times tables using […]

4 Red is learning about Newspaper reports.

This week, we have begun our new English topic about newspaper reports. We have explored a newspaper report about the Blitz and answered questions using our retrieval skills. We also learnt a newspaper report using a story map. Additionally, we have identified the key features of a newspaper report and discussed their purpose. Finally, we […]

4 Red’s marvellous maths

This week 4 red have been multiplying and dividing using the 6 and 9 times tables. We have learnt these new times tables and explored the relationships between these times tables and other ones we know. We have also answered word problems using our knowledge. Challenge: If I know 6 x 4 = 24, what […]

4 Red’s interesting information texts

4 Red have worked incredibly hard this week on their information texts. We started the week by learning an information text using a story map. We then identified the key features of an information text. Can you remember the key features that you need to include in your information text? Using our research skills, we […]

Year 4 Homework Autumn 2 Week 3

Here is this week’s homework. Don’t forget it must be finished by Wednesday morning. Complete a minimum of two pieces and if you have any problems, let your teacher know on Monday morning. English Last week, we were learning all about poetry. Your homework this weekend is to write a poem entitled: The Rain. It […]

4 Red- Anglo-Saxons

This week, we have begun our topic on Anglo-Saxons. We have created a timeline of events from the Anglo-Saxon era and learnt about where the Anglo-Saxons came from and where they settled. In our design and technology lessons, we have also began designing our own replicas of Anglo-Saxon weapons and we will begin creating them […]

4 Red’s exploring poetry

This week 4 Red have begun their topic of poetry in English. On Monday, we had lots of fun exploring poetry in different ways. We listened to poets reading, read poems with our friends, answered questions about a poem, reviewed a poem and performed a poem. We also learnt a poem as a class using […]

Year 4 Autumn 2 Week 1 Homework

Here is this week’s homework. Don’t forget it must be finished by Wednesday morning. Complete a minimum of two pieces and if you have any problems, let your teacher know on Monday morning. English An Education City task has been planned for you. It’s all about identifying types of poetry. Enjoy! Maths There are […]

4 Red G7 week

This week, we have been learning about G7 and we have focused on the country of Italy. We have learnt about what the G7 is and why it is held. We have held our own G7 debate proposing new inventions to help reduce climate change. We have also learnt lots about Italy including some Italian […]

Art around the world

This week, 4 Red have learnt about art from Eastern Europe. We have focused on two artists called Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. During this week, we have learnt about the artists and the country where they live. We have also designed and started creating our own traditional Russian hats. We have also learnt how to […]

4 Red’s fantastic maths

As part of our learning in Maths this week, we are learning about Addition and Subtraction. We began by adding and subtracting 1, 10, 100 and 1000 more and less than a given number, recapping our learning of place value. Throughout this week, we have learnt how to add three and four digit numbers. We […]


In 4 Red, we have had a discussion about our presentation in our books. How are you going to improve your presentation? This could be: Taking more care in your writing Making sure that you are using a ruler to underline Using your best presentation each lesson Forming letters correctly Using colour Having the correct […]