Welcome to Reception Blue

Mrs Shergill, Mrs Chapman and Miss Kennel are looking forward to meeting you all on Monday 6th September 2021. Please take a look at the video below to see your new teachers and learning environment.😊 Please view the Early Years Induction information below.

Year 2 Football Party 9/7/21

To celebrate England’s semi final win yesterday we will be having an England themed football party tomorrow. The children can come into school wearing red and white clothes and trainers. Please send in some child friendly packaged food , eg, crisps, biscuits, cakes to celebrate England’s success. ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

2 Blue – Topic 01/07/21

Today in our Geography topic work, we looked at where China is located and learnt about its varied climate. We also researched Chinese culture and tasted some different foods that are eaten in China. We had a go at writing our name using the Chinese script and researched animals that are native to China. 🇨🇳 […]

Year 2 Home Learning – Topic : Geography – 24.06.21

Hello, hope you are all well and keeping safe. Today we are going to continue with our geography unit on Around the World. Please watch the teaching video below and complete the activity. 😊 We look forward to seeing your wonderful work. Please upload to the link below. https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/seb_carter_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/EhwVUdSJxCRDnF1Wa4dHvakB3xsFS8Cq-vxgcektEThyEA

2 Blue – Coventrian Days

Over these last few days we have been learning about a famous Coventrian. We have focused our activities on David Moorcroft, an Olympian and a world record holder in 5000m running. 🏅🏃🏻‍♂️ Take a look at some photos and video of what we got up to.😊 Thursday We used the iPads to research and learn […]

2 White -Numeracy Day 21/05 21

Today 2 White celebrated National Numeracy Day with lots of fun and active maths. We took part in a range of activities to consolidate our knowledge. We went on a fraction walk, finding halves and quarters of amounts. We solved multiplication problems and created repeated patterns. Using teamwork we estimated and measured how far we […]

2Blue Topic -Lady Godiva 29/4/21

In today’s topic lesson, we built upon our visit to Coventry City Centre and learnt about Lady Godiva. The children heard her story and we explored how Lady Godiva’s actions helped the poor. We read a poem called ‘Lady Godiva’ by Paul Perra and focused on reading with intonation and expression. Please watch our videos […]

Year 2 Topic walk – 22/04/21

Hello Year 2!😊 This half term our topic focus is on the History of Coventry. Our first lesson on Thursday afternoon (22/04/21) will be to walk and explore our wonderful city. All children should be in full school uniform, sensible walking shoes and a have a coat please. Unfortunately the Transport Museum is closed until […]

Wonderful 2 Blue😊

We are so proud of you all 2 Blue.😊👏 You have all come back with such maturity and happiness that it makes us so proud. You have settled back in with smiley, happy faces and an eagerness to learn which is fantastic. Well done, let’s continue to shine.⭐️ We have looked at finding halves and […]

Y2 World Book Day – 4.3.21 Art

Hello Year 2 😊. Welcome to World Book Day!📚📖 Today for World Book Day, we will be looking at the role of an illustrator. What does an illustrator do?Who is your favourite illustrator? An illustrator is a person who draws or creates pictures for magazines, comics, books or adverts. Let’s look back at some of […]

Y2 Wednesday 24.02.21 Home Learning-PSHE

Hello Year 2.😊 I hope you are all well. Today in PSHE we will be starting our new unit of work on Choices. Please watch the teaching video below and complete the task. Once you have completed your work please email it in or upload to the link below. https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/seb_carter_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/EtOwPuY47gpDp7Cj8TcAy-cBm6Yxklq7Bq4gcmhlo0ldwQ

Y2 Friday Story time 5.2.21

Hello Year 2. 😊 Today I am going to read to you The Selfish Crocodile. It is written by Faustin Charles and illustrated by Michael Terry. Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books. Click on the video below to listen to the story. Enjoy😊📖 I hope you enjoyed the story. 😊What important lessons did the crocodile learn?