What’s the score?

When we perform music we can make it up for our OWN pleasure or: We can perform other people’s music. It is helpful if the music is written down in some way. In Music we use Five lines called a stave: This shows us both Rhythm and Pitch. In today’s lesson we will focus on […]

Major and Minor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykNhJ6X02Os C C G G g#g# G F F d#d# D D C G G F F d#d# D G G F F d#d# D C C G G g#g# G F F d#d# D D C What about how we play the notes? Does the Major or Minor change the “feel” of how we […]

7 songs for the 7 Decades: Our Queen.

1952    (1956) Nothing like a hound dog -Elvis. 1962    (1963) I wanna hold your hand  – Beatles. 1972    (1976)  Dancing Queen – Abba. 1982   ( 1986)  The final Countdown -Europe. 1992    (1996)  Wanna Be – Spice Girls. 2002   (2007)  Umbrella – Rhianna.

Brazil, Encanto & City of Culture

This half-term we have been Learning about Brazilian syncopated rhythms “Samba” and singing songs pop songs – which have included some songs from Encanto (set in Columbia- a near neighbour of Brazil). We have also been learning 3 songs by Kevin Stannard from his 10: Cultural Cantata – Godiva, Jetman, and James Starley.

What is a Composer?

Arvo Pärt facts Arvo Pärt (born 11 September 1935) is an Estonian composer. He wrote a large amount of religious music. Pärt is sometimes called a minimalist or ‘holy minimalist’. The first piece he wrote used a style called serialism. He is influenced by the sound of Gregorian chant, and has created his own technique for composing, which he calls tintinnabuli. Here is some […]