Young Voices Power in Me We have been given the very exciting opportunity to take part in the national YOUNG VOICES Power in Me performance this coming Tuesday 2nd of June at 2.30pm. Sing with potentially thousands of young singers. All you need to do is clearly explained on their website: I look forward to hearing you perform. […]

Music for Mindfulness Week Tuesday

I hope that you enjoy spending a few minutes of your day just sitting still and listening to music. The wonderful young players are so exciting to watch. The BBC Ten pieces video is excellent. Please watch it a few times over the coming week. Mr R.

Harry Potter Rap

I hope you enjoy learning about Rap. The backing rhythms stay constant. The heart-beat remains the same TEMPO (speed) throughout and words/sentences and placed rhythmically on top. Part of the style is to repeat sections of the text in an OSTINATO fashion: often crushing short patterns and repeating them quickly over the same tempo. Can […]

Broad Heath KS2 Musicians

Calling all Key Stage 2 Musicians: I would like to know which Key Stage 2 pupils play musical instruments outside of school. Please will you comment telling me the instruments you play or sing. If you would like Sheet Music ( written music using notation) for school lessons please tell me. I would love to […]

Year 4 Music Work

Please go to Music post on 23rd of March (Use pink Music Link) Please rehearse Bim Bum, Reading Music 1,2 and 3. We learn more in Music if we do short learning activities often. It is much better to do 10 mins regularly, rather than doing it for long periods of time.

Disney’s The Sheepish Lion

Who was the composer of the music? At 1min 28 secs  (1,28) the background music sounds   (choose 1)  Happy / Jolly / Sad At 1,56 – what happens in the music when Lambert the lion cub jumps upon his chosen mother? At 2,29 – 2,33 (choose) a) the music jumps up and down in Pitch […]

Be Happy

We can clearly hear and see (because of the video editing) the layers of OSINATI (plural of ostinato) used in the accompaniment to this joyful melody. The melody and the backing accompaniment use layers of different syncopation to give the feeling of movement. The Tempo is carefully on the slower side: it gives the feeling […]