Year 2 Feel the Pulse

Tap along to the Music. Listen carefully to the music. Notice that this beautiful music follows a story. This is called “programme” Music. Feel the pulse of the music. This talented man is playing the keyboard, the cello, and the cajon (cah-honn). Listen to the music in the background. The music matches the action. It […]

Listening Week 1

Please listen to this daily for a week. This is from the National Curriculum’s Model Music Curriculum April 2021. This can be used for Mindfulness too. Please sit and listen carefully. Please do not interrupt the music.

KS1 Music

We are thinking about OUR Earth. What can we do to help heal OUR Earth? When Covid-19 Started and we had our first “Lockdown”, we did not leave the house very much or drive cars, use buses and trains. Our animals quickly noticed that we were not around and became brave adventurers. Our Hindu and […]

Saltwater Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon, SaltwaterWe are a rock revolvingAround a golden sunWe are a billion childrenRolled into oneSo when I hear aboutThe hole in the skySaltwater wells in my eyesWe climb the highest mountainWe’ll make the desert bloomWe’re so ingeniousWe can walk on the moonBut when I hear of howThe forests have diedSaltwater wells in my eyesI […]