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Black Country Museum

Year One visted the Black Country Museum today ,please take a look at our video showcasing the children’s  learning.

Please comment on the video and let Mrs Hameed and Miss Jackson know the following:

What have you learnt today?

What did you enjoy the most?

9 thoughts on “Black Country Museum

  1. We were learning about what a old people live,and we saw old buildings.

    I enjoyed having nice lunch with my friends and the toys.
    I am very enjoyed the trip in the Black Country Museum.

  2. we learnt about the life is so much different in past , people had to face so many difficulties to live their life. nowadays life is so mush easier we got so many good facilities to make life easy.

    i enjoyed looking old toys and old cars .

  3. Black country homework

    We learnt that in the olden days it was very different from what we know, for example they had no TVs, PlayStation, and I phones or iPods. They also had problems with electric and gas.

    They didn’t have luxury of shopping centres or shops like tesco, Morrison or asda. The houses were made from scrap shhets of metal or brick with no mortar. They had toilets at the end of the garden and with no running water.

    What I enjoyed about the day was finding out how people lived in the olden days and also finding out the different toys they played with compared to the toys we have today.

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