Year 6 Well-being Day

Today we took the time to unwind and be extra creative. We decided that we wanted to focus on our artwork, work as a team and get just a little bit competitive. In 6W there was both a boys and a girls group who worked tirelessly to complete their sketches to the highest of standard. They have used their creativity, imagination, communication and teamwork skills! WOW!

We then decided to develop our baking skills because, who doesn’t love food ey? It’s crazy to see how maths slips into our everyday life; we used our conversion skill and our understanding of ratios!

To get our blood pumping and our endorphins running through our bodies we decide to get moving. We had great fun working on our confidence ready for performance week, we even had a dance battle!

To end the day on a high, we worked as teams to compete in a benchball tournament!


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