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Brilliant Kaila And Her Blue Peter Badge

After her exploits with rowing earlier this year, Kaila wrote into Blue Peter to tell them about being a county finalist. Amazingly they wrote back to her, and enclosed in their reply was a Blue Peter badge! This was no ordinary badge though, it was a special sports edition designed by Sky Brown, who is Team GB’s youngest ever Olympian. Well done to her on yet another reward for her fantastic effort.

30 responses to “Brilliant Kaila And Her Blue Peter Badge”

  1. Amanah S.

    Well done Kaila!!!! You definitely deserve this :)

  2. Leon Thomas-Millward

    Well done

  3. Kevin Rowlatt

    well done👍

  4. Afreen S.

    Great job Kaila you deserved it

  5. Kaif B.

    Great job

  6. Bahar K.

    Well done ! 😊

  7. Hasan S.

    Well done 👍 gyes

  8. Jasmine M.

    Great job Kaila

  9. Lillie

    Well done kaila!

  10. Hasti M.

    Well done Kaila!

  11. Joel G.

    Well done

  12. Muhammad B.

    Well done. 👍

  13. Joni O.

    Well done.

  14. Aysha R.

    Congratulations Kaila

  15. Osato O.

    Well done Kaila you did such a great job and you definitely deserve this!

  16. Mrs Sharma

    Great news Kaila! So proud of you.

  17. Fatimah K.

    Good Job Kaila!

  18. Suraiyah A.

    Well done Kaila we are all really proud off you🥰

  19. Sumayyah A.

    Well done Kaila that an incredible job!

  20. Mrs Morris

    So proud of you, Kaila. Well done for showing your initiative in writing to Blue Peter. A great all round.
    Very well done.

  21. Aleena

    Great job Kaila

  22. Mrs Khan

    So proud of you Kaila. That’s great news. Congratulations.

  23. Head Teacher

    What an honour. Great news Kaila, next stop the Olympics!

  24. Mrs Davison

    Wow amazing Kaila, congratulations 👏 🎉

  25. Surinder J.

    Congrats Kaila! Great job!

  26. Nihit N.


  27. Yogitha K.

    Well done Kaila

  28. Aaminah A.

    Congratulations Kaila! You deserve it!

  29. Prisha T.

    Great job Kaila!
    You totally deserve it!

  30. Sameeha A.

    Congratulations on your Blue Peter Badge

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