27 responses to “Broad Heath Citizen of The Week Autumn 1 Week 1 15.09.2023”

  1. Zain T.

    Well done to the citizens of this week.

  2. Ibrahim M.

    Well done everyone

  3. Sayda A.

    congratlions to those children

  4. Sara K.

    well done to the people who got citizen of the week.

  5. Ammar W.

    congrats well done to everyone

  6. Tana I.

    Well done congratulation 🎊

  7. Zain T.

    Well done citizen of the week

  8. Sara H.

    good job everyone

  9. Ziad H.


  10. Zenat N.

    well done evryone good work good jop

  11. Kinza A.

    well done evryone

  12. Tipian I.

    Well done keep it up you deserve it

  13. Manha S.

    Well done guys… keep it up.

  14. Ayaan M.


  15. Hadiya M.

    Well done everyone for trying so hard on are first week back to school

  16. Ameera K.

    Good job everyone

  17. Hamza M.

    Congratulations to all the winners 🎊 And well done to Mohammad for receiving the 1st ever Headteacher award πŸ‘

  18. Hassanati H.

    well done for those who win citizen of the week

  19. Yusuf A.

    Well done everyone! Especially Mohammed for getting ‘Head Teacher Citizen of the Week’! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  20. Mahid H.

    Congrats to all the winners πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  21. Zahraa Y.

    Congratulations to everyone! It’s the first week back and I’m sure you all worked hard!

  22. Alima S.

    Great Job Mohammed And great job every one

  23. Esa A.

    Well done

  24. Hurayn A.

    Congratulations!! πŸ’₯

    1. Eliza N.

      Good job guys you all deserved it and everyone else keep on trying you got this

  25. Joshua A.

    Well done to all the Broadheath citizen superstars! Congratulations to Joshua we are all so proud of you. (Joshuas mum, Mrs T)

  26. Mrs Masters

    Well done to all the citizen of the week winners. You are all amazing and being great Broad Heath Citizens.
    Mrs Masters x

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