School is back open on the Tues 4th June.


Set 1


ng – thing on a string
nk – I think I stink

Set 2

The short lessons below will help you to learn the Set 2 sounds.
ay – may I play?
ow – blow the snow
ar- start the car
ir – whirl and twirl
ee – what can you see?
oo – poo at the zoo
or – shut the door
ou – shout it out
igh – fly high
oo – look at the book
air – that’s not fair
oy – toy for a boy

Set 3

a_e – make a cake
ea – cup of tea
oa – goat on a boat
ire – fire fire
aw – yawn at dawn
are – care and share
i_e – nice smile
u_e – huge brute
ew – chew the stew
ear – hear with your ear
ow – brown cow
ur – nurse with a purse
o_e – phone home
ai – snail in the rain
oi – spoil the boy
er – a better letter
ure – sure it’s pure

Video featured are made by Ruth Miskin found here.