To finish off a fantastic week and an even better term, children across all year groups have taken part in a talent show. Class auditions have been held this week and the winners battled it out to be crowned ‘BHGT Champion’.
Everyone who took part was worthy of the award, but it was 2W’s performers of Waka Waka in KS1 who won the adulation of the judges to receive the prize. However in KS2, the judges couldn’t decide between two outstanding acts: Ayesha in 6W who wrote and performed her own poem about climate change as well as Leyad and Sheima who hula-hooped whilst doing the Macarena were crowned joint winners.

25 responses to “Broad Heath’s Got Talent 2019”

  1. Khadijah M.

    well done you all were fantastic i loved the talent show that was great

  2. Havin A.

    Well done!! 👍

  3. Amirah T.

    I loved performing with all of you!😍😍😍

    1. Yalda N.

      We won yay

  4. Vinay P.

    Well done

  5. Leena N.

    Wow!!! The BHGT was amazing!!!!!!!

  6. Reyan M.

    I loved the Macarena.

  7. Sahar A.

    The talent show was so fun

  8. Lakeysha M.

    I loved the talent show and well done to the winners .

  9. Jawariyah A.

    It was fun watching people

  10. Hanfaa N.

    I loved the talent show it was fun and loud

  11. Rahima D.

    it was great

  12. Elyas S.

    The talent show was so soAMAZING !we’ll done to the people hoo won!

  13. Ayeza Z.

    Best day ever this school roof is on fire🥇best school ever I never thought I would be so impressed but I am so shocked especially the hula hoops were the best I do not think anyone could beat them especially Anora , Zuzanna and Rahma from 6 blue all the effort WOW!😮❤🤩

  14. Francesca L.

    I really enjoyed the talent show

  15. Sunnaf H.

    well done to everyone.You work so hard on your perfomance.ALSO This was a great oppunity.

  16. Mopelola L.

    Had a great time

  17. Lieca N.


  18. Hamsia D.

    I enjoyed the morning.

  19. Sariya H.

    Its fine

  20. Maria I.

    The talent show🎤was amazing🤩 Well done 6W🥇and 4B🥇👍Well done 6B as well for coming 3rd🥉👏Awesome talent🤯And well done for all the other classes who tried their best💯🥳

  21. Nehemia K.

    Well done for the hard work !

  22. Siddra K.

    It’s ok Mr carter

  23. Rasan M.

    The talent show was AMAZING!

  24. Mr Carter

    Sorry everyone. There seems to be a problem with the KS2 video. It has not uploaded to YouTube correctly and we won’t be able to fix until after the half term break. Have a great holiday and I’ll get it sorted when we return.

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