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How to bake yummy shortbread…

Hello BH family, hope you all well and staying safe… It’s very strange not being at school and seeing all your lovely smiles and hearing your polite greetings. I hope you are all well and staying safe. I hope to see you all back at school very soon.So, in the Browning house over the past […]

27/03/2020 – Daily Craft

Good afternoon Broad Heath, I hope you are all well and keeping safe! I know lots of you like Pokemon so today we are going to make a paper Pikachu. Lils and I had so much making these! I will post another craft idea on Monday. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

Baking bread

In times where we are self isolating, I’ve decided rather than going to the supermarket, I’m going to bake my own bread. I challenge you to also make your own bread, this is a brilliant opportunity to spend quality time with your family and find out who is the best baker. I have attached an […]

It’s officially Friday!

Good morning Six Red …. yeah we made it … week one of social isolation done ! I hope you and your families are all safe and well. Keep smiling everyone and remain positive. Together as a great big family we will get through this. Sending you all lots of love. Have a lovely weekend […]

Guides for Keeping Safe Online

At this strange time, you will be spending a lot of time at home so it is important that you are aware of some of the issues you face by being online. Here are some guides to help you be safe and make the right decisions while the school is closed. Can I also urge […]

Friday 27th March – Maths 6R

Good morning, everyone! Hope you are all well and have got used to this new way of learning! We miss you all desperately! Today’s activity is an Arithmetic quiz! Log in to Mathletics from 9AM and click on the REVIEW tab and it should be there. Here are some tips to help you with the […]

Check and Collect!

Mrs Frankish has added several blogs and I am afraid we still have many, many belongings left in school. We have taken the step to show photographs of the bags in the hope that you will come and collect your children’s belongings. Rooms are being deep cleaned and the items will have to be disposed […]

Thursday 26 th March

Today Mrs RRK and myself phoned lots of houses to check on people. We are asking that everyone visits the BH website and does the work that is set by the teachers on there. Please make sure you try and do the work.  We have also posted a Where’s Wally puzzle, this is great fun […]

26.03.2020 Daily Craft Ideas

Good afternoon Broad Heath! I have been overwhelmed with the all the comments on my previous blogs and I am glad you are all enjoying the craft ideas! Today Lils and I had a go at making a paper swan. All you need for this is paper, a pencil, scissors and glue. Enjoy and don’t […]

It’s Thursday – day 4 of home schooling !!

Good morning Six Red! How is everyone after almost a week of social isolation? I hope you are all well and take caring of your families too. Well done to all those children who have completed their online learning and responded to our blogs. Please stay in touch as it makes us feel better knowing […]

Year 6 English 26.03.20

Salvation Activity 1: Perfect picture! ART LINK: Imagine you could see inside the ship. Draw/describe what it might be like. The moment they had feared was finally upon them; the electric storm had arrived. With the world in ruins, they began to board the ship in hope of salvation… Can you continue the story? Think […]

Maths Day 4 – 6R

Hi guys, today we will be focusing on being able to use reasoning skills effectively when problem solving. This is an aspect of maths that we have all worked incredibly hard on this year – now is your time to shine. Everyone has been set a reasoning paper on mathletics by Mrs Hurt and we […]

Wk4 Thursday: Maya life

Today’s task is to recap what we learnt in our last lesson in school together. You need to research two aspects of Maya life and compare this to modern life. Watch the documentary below. You can choose from the following to research and compare: Location, Food, Sports, Hierarchy or Clothing.

25/03/2020 Daily Craft Ideas

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you’re all well. As promised here is another craft idea to help keep you busy. Today we decided to make emoji bookmarks, all you need is paper, scissors, glue, a pencil, pens and a glass. Have a go and let us know how they turn out!

Maths Work Day 3 – 6R

Today you will be revising how To solve problems using measurements. At 10am Miss Vega will be online to monitor and assist you with your learning by questions – it is recommended you complete this task at this time so that your teacher can intervene if needs be. Remember that if we see you struggling we […]

Mr Patel – the radio star!

Mr Patel was LIVE on BBC Radio CWR this morning (8:53 – 8:58) giving children around Coventry and Warwickshire some questions to wake up your brains on this lovely sunny morning! Listen in and add your answers here! Questions: What is the collective noun for a group of geese? What type of owl was Hedwig […]

We believe in you!

Good morning Six Red, how is everyone this lovely sunny morning? I hope you are all keeping safe and completing short exercise sessions to maintain your physical and mental well-being. Below are two poems which I hope inspire you to keep making progress in your learning. Have a great day Six Red and please let […]

Rally to Work!

Well done all the children and the parents who have done some work every day, you are SUPERSTARS! There are a lot of children who have not done any work at all, this is unacceptable. We expect everyone to try and do some every day please. We will be phoning certain houses in the next […]

24/03/2020 – Daily Craft

Every afternoon Lillie and I will be having a go at some simple crafts that we have found on YouTube. We will share these with you daily so you can have a go. Today we made a bobble head paper unicorn. All you need is paper/card, crayons, scissors and glue. Follow the video below and […]

LBQ Function Machine

Hi everyone, For those who have been completing Miss Vega’s activity on LBQ, this video may be helpful. A few of you seem to be getting stuck when looking at the input and output question (in my video I say outcome – my apologies). I hope this is handy!

Good Morning Six Red!

Hope you are all safe and well. The sunny is shining and it’s learning time!! In my house today, my youngest son is completing his science learning pack before moving onto his geography unit. Additionally he will sit with me on the sofa reading his book, whilst I read my book ( Toxic by Jacqui […]