Saying goodbye to Year 6 2020

A few messages from our Governors

Miss Balgiisa Sheik Ahmed

A message composed by Miss Sheik Ahmed

Mrs Samina Jahangir

Your foundations are strong as a broadheather.

Wishing you all Joy and Happiness as you start your new journeys in life.

Always believe in yourself and your halfway there.

Samina Jahangir

We wish you the best in your future endeavours, we know that the knowledge, skills and values you’ve learnt from Broad Heath will carry you through life. Thank you for being great BH Citizens and a pleasure to have taught over the years.

54 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Year 6 2020

  1. I wander if I can still comment on blogs. I think not, but if you guys see this. I miss you all!❤Also I’m so sorry if this has comment has disturbed your day somehow!✨👽✨

  2. Thank you to all the staff.And especially all my teachers who have helped me from Reception to now.
    Ms Dahil,
    Mr Stevenson,
    Ms Smith ,
    Mr Wilson ,
    Mr Anderson ,
    Ms Starkey ,
    Mr Patel,
    Ms Hurt ,
    Ms Kaur ,
    And all the other teachers.

  3. Mrs Frankish – taught me to always try new food even if I wasnt keen.

    Mrs langley- taught me to become more confident

    Mrs walker – taught me to always try my best in all times.

    Mrs Elkin- helped me fined my passion (acting) and taught me that I could do anything If I put effort.

    Mr Mashford-taught me to always have a good mindset and never say I cant.

    Mrs Habib-taught me to never compare myself to others.

    Mrs Jones – taught me to always have a good attitude

    Mrs kiani – helped winth my spanish skills

    Miss shilton and Mr rawlings -helped me with my pe skills.

    Mrs Ahmes-taught me to believe in myself during rough times.

    Mrs Donnely- helped me to always do what I want to do and not what others want me to do.

    the pasttoral team-taught me to express my emotions.

    Graham-helped me to develop my reading skills.

    Overall I would like to thank the bh staff for everything and all there hard work and effort.
    Thank you.

  4. sorry I missed it BUT HOPE U are safe and will miss you especially mrs Ahmed who helped me and kept me going and mr Mashford who has made me laugh and that you both ring me I want to say goodbye face to face on zoom on the phone

  5. Thank you very much for this journey from Nursery to now. As we were at the assembly my mum was crying and got so emotional. I really will miss all the office staff, dinner ladies, teacher assistants, headteacher, my friends and especially:
    Reception RD: Mrs Dahil
    Year 1s: Mr Stevenson
    Year 2W: Miss Smith
    Year 3R: Mr Wilson and Mrs Chapman
    Year 4R: Mr Anderson
    Year 5B: Miss Starkey
    Year 6R: Mr Patel and Mrs Hurt
    And Mr Strong.
    Thank you again very much.

  6. The book video is really inspirational, thank you teachers
    of Broad Heath for your help and I will use our school values
    on my new journey and I will keep on GAINING!!!!!

  7. I will miss everyone at Broad Heath SO SO MUCH. I have had so much fun at this school and it is so sad that now we all have to leave you all. I have had a great time at Broad Heath and I will never forget all the good moments. Once a Broad Heather, always a Broad Heather <3

    • You are a brilliant young man! You have had a great year at BH. Keep flying high and always push yourself! Make sure you pop in and say hello from time to time.

  8. This video was a lovely message. It breaks my heart that I have to leave this school. But I am also excited as I get to see my old friends. I will get to see you all every Friday as I will have to pick up my little sister from school. I wish you all the best of luck and a great future. You have all helped me to achieve my goals and I hope you have someone to achieve your goals too.

  9. Hi everyone, just wanted to say that I will miss all the teachers at Broad Heath. Thank you for such wonderful memories that I will take away with me to my new school. It’s gonna feel weird I think, being at my new School but I can’t believe I have completed all these years at BH. I will never forget my years I spent here and will always cherish these memories. Thank you teachers for helping me in my studies.

  10. I cant believe this!We have officialy graduated this school! Even if I couldnt accept this,i would have lest now, a new chapter will emerge in my lifetime and i will even get to visit!

    I wish many thanks for teaching me at this school!

  11. It is sad to think that I will be leaving this school as I have been here since nursery. I would like to thank all the teachers for helping me with my work. I would like to thank Miss Vega and Ms Janjua for teaching m win these rough times and also all the teachers that have taught me. I also would like to say that my class have been so nice and hilarious and I am going to miss them all very much. Love you guys xx!!! 😭😭💕.

  12. Thank you to everyone for all the lovely messages and ,memories I have made in Broad Heath.When I sat down to the check the blog, I realized this and watched the video.It made me smile, laugh and even cry.Even though we will be leaving, we will never forget BH. Thank you!

  13. Thank you all for this truly amazing goodbye video.😢
    It breaks my heart that we can’t see each other much but at least we are going to leave school with the BH citizen inside our blood and we will remember that we are all ways part of the BH. To all the teachers I just wanted to say that you are the best teachers that I could ever ask for I just don’t want to leave but some how I’ll have to.

  14. Thank you for these wonderful messages. I will miss each and every single teacher from Broad Heath. I will miss walking through the corridors and playing in the playground that me and my friends always played in. It is such a shame we have not been able to end the year all together but the little meeting that we have had this week was great! Thank you BH for all that you have taught me in my years here at Broad Heath. and for everyone else in Year 6, well done and good luck for the future!!!

    • Thank you for being such a wonderful student this year and every year Anya! You and your parents have been superb BH citizens, we will miss you greatly x

  15. I just say I am going to miss every teacher in our school no matter what yes where going through hard times but we are strong we can to this thank you for all these years I have learned so much I will have fun at my secondary school and I will come to visit. When am going to have a bad day I will think of all of you 😭😔I will miss this school.

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