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01.04.2020 Daily Craft Ideas

Good afternoon Broad Heath! Today Lils and I decided to recycle toilet roll tubes and make a small village for her Shopkins. They were so much fun to make! All you need is toilet tubes, scissors, paint or crayons and cupcake cases. Don’t worry if you don’t have cases, I’m sure you could make roofs […]

Year 6’s Heavenly Artwork

Hi everyone! I am VERY excited to create a year 6 gallery to showcase all of the amazing artwork and stained glass windows you are creating! Unfortunately, we haven’t received any photographs of your work yet (even though many of you have told us you have completed this work)! I have attached a photograph of […]

1st April

Good Morning Year 6 I hope you are well and staying safe. I am sorry I am a little late I was doing a Joe Wicks exercise. Please make sure you continue your work on the blog. Take care and remain safe. Also please could you collect your P.E. bags tomorrow at 9.30 – 11 […]

Urgent – parents please read

Can the parents of the following children please make contact with the school office via email. Ibrahim RB. Sandra RR. Ebnezere RB. Umar K. RR. Musa RR. Faris RR. Ebeid RW. Mya RW. Hasan RW. Yusuf RR. Jegor RB. Safa RB. Sumaya RW Ramandeep 1R. Alina 1R. Rustam 1W. Aqsaa 1B. Myiesha 1W. Delilah […]

Draw with Rob Part 2 (01.04.20)

Rob Biddulph the children’s illustrator is back with another exciting draw-along video for you all to watch and hopefully, make some nice pictures of your own. Show off your creativity and create a drawing of your own using the skills you have learnt. Have fun being little artists. You can send pictures of your drawings […]

Wednesday 01.04.20 Year 6 – LbQ – Reading – Jabberwocky

Today you will be using your comprehension skills. At 10am, Teachers will be online to monitor and assist you with your Learning by Questions – it is recommended you complete this task at this time so that your teacher can support you. This will be building on your learning from English lessons. Make sure you create a ‘mental […]

Saints and Stained Glass Windows

Linking on from the SMSC project you should all have started, I have a challenge for you. Not long ago, we visited Coventry Cathedral – an important place of worship and somewhere you are able to view lots of religious art. Within churches, stain glass windows are important, they are used to celebrate to lives […]

Maths wk2 Day3 – 6W

We are now on day 3 of our ratio journey; I hope you’re beginning to feel confident with the topic! As we move on, we will be working to consolidate our knowledge of ratios and use the ratio symbol ( : ) appropriately. Today you will start by watching the video below – you may […]

Class Book days 6/7 – 6W

Hi guys, I had a very sore throat yesterday so decided not to upload; however, I am back today with an extra long reading for you! I hope you enjoy it and have had a super great day. Question – Do you like the way the text cuts between the two stories at the moment? […]

31.03.2020 Daily Craft Ideas

Good afternoon Broad Heath! Today Lils and I decided to make an origami jumping frog. At first we found this a little bit tricky but we carefully followed the instructions and persevered! All you need to make this is a piece of paper. Why don’t you have a go at making two and have a […]

Check out BH budding artists! 31.03.20

Emails have been flooding through with great drawings. I can see these children have used the skills learnt from Rob to draw their own master pieces. See below to see all the children’s amazing artwork. Well done everyone these drawing are great. If you have done a drawing you can still send it in and […]


Afternoon parents, Please can parents send us their email addresses if they think they are entitled to a food voucher? We need an email address to send the voucher to. Please send to me or the school office. The email address is on the website. We should be able to start sending these out this […]

Class Book Day 5 – 6W

Hi everyone, I am SO sorry, I thought that this blog had been uploaded but it had not! I am glad to see that some of you are clearly tracking what we are reading! I hope you enjoy this video!

Wk5 Tuesday- SPaG (LBQ 9am-4pm)

Today you have two tasks on LBQ:One– Spelling (Prefix revision from year 1-6)Two– Grammar (formal and informal language) Please write your name and your class name when completing the task. (In particular if your name is Humzah, Omar, Amelia or Ayaan) Prefic revision: Suffix revision: Below are some of the questions you are […]

Draw with Rob Biddulph 31.03.20

Rob Biddulph is a children’s illustrator and is giving free drawing lessons to inspire all aged children. He has created a fun draw-along video for you all to watch and hopefully, make some nice pictures of your own. Have fun being little artists. Show off your creativity and create a drawing of your own using […]

Maths wk2 Day 2 – 6W

Continuing on from the work we began yesterday, we will further our understanding of ratios. We will be studying how to identify and compare the relationship between fractions and ratios. You will need to use the knowledge of ratios you gained yesterday and pair that with the fractions knowledge you developed throughout your time at […]

Wk5 Tuesday: Maya Gods

Coming to the end of our Maya learning, we are all aware of the 150 gods Maya believed in. To begin with, please read the following so you have an understanding of some of the Maya religious beliefs. The Maya worshipped many Gods. Mayan Gods could change themselves into human and animal shapes. Priests performed […]

31st March

Good Morning Year 6, how are you all?Another new day with new hope. The sun is shining and smiling. Keep going with your learning, you are doing a fantastic job. Keep checking the blogs everyday. We know it’s challenging times but one thing Broad Heath has taught you is to never give up, “We Gain” […]

Be Happy

We can clearly hear and see (because of the video editing) the layers of OSINATI (plural of ostinato) used in the accompaniment to this joyful melody. The melody and the backing accompaniment use layers of different syncopation to give the feeling of movement. The Tempo is carefully on the slower side: it gives the feeling […]

DuoLingo Spanish – Free online resource!

Good Afternoon Children! We have just had Luqman’s mum share a Dual language resource with us and has told us that her boys have signed up to and it is free! Thank you for sharing this Luqman’s mum! I have had a go on it as well and it not only works for Spanish practice […]

30/03/2020 – Daily Craft Ideas

Good afternoon Broad Heath! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and stayed safe. Today Lils and I made a caterpillar racing game, It was so much to make and play! All you need to make this is paper, scissors and a pen. You will also need straws to make your caterpillars move. Enjoy […]

Reading and Maths 30.3.20

Good morning Year 6, I hope you are safe and well. Another new week and below I have set you some work for you to complete. I am writing a list of names of children who I would like this completed by as last week none of you completed this work. I would like it […]

Green Group work

Morning all, I hope you are safe and well. I hope you had a lovely weekend? We would like these children to do the following work: Sara Ayub Barkad Samuel Luiza Saif Uzair Haya Suardo Ianis Jessica Elena Ayeza Sofia Here is some of your work for this week. Please can you have a go […]

Maths wk2 Day 1 – 6W

Hi everyone, today we will be learning how to understand and use ratio language in mathematics. This is a topic that many of you have asked about and I know that a few have you may have began learning about ratios outside of school. Each day this week we will make progress as we learn […]

30.03.20 Year 6 English – Rising Stars 6 White

Good morning, everyone. Your task for today is to complete the text called ‘Colour blindness’ on Rising Stars. Remember to take your time to read the text and not rush. Keep using your skills to build a ‘mental image’ to help you understand the text thoroughly. Let’s have a practise at building a ‘mental image’ […]