Year 3, trip to London.

Yesterday, Year 3 had a fantastic opportunity to visit London! We got to see the some of the most famous landmarks of London and visit the Science museum, here we investigated different forces. How lucky are we! Take a look at our video below, enjoy! What famous landmarks did you see? What was your favourite […]

5 Blue’s Stratford Upon Avon Trip!

Today, 5 Blue spent the day exploring Stratford Upon Avon in the sun! This was part of their localities topics: they were comparing Stratford to Coventry and trying to plan where a new tourist attraction could go in Stratford. 5 Blue worked sensibly to speak to members of the public and ask their opinion on […]

2 Blue’s trip to Coventry city centre

What a fantastic introduction to our topic on Coventry! We all had a great day today discovering the history of our city. Take a look at our video and see if you can answer the questions. Which film did the Blue taxi in the Transport Museum appear in? Where did the wood which was used […]

Mayan Day

Having only recently joined 6B, I have learnt so much about Mayan History. Children have been greatly enthused by their learning from creating Mayan clay money boxes, to learning the rich history of Chichen Itza. Below is a video showing some great learning and a fantastic workshop from the Ministry of Chocolate! Please answer questions […]

Ancient Egypt Day in 3 Blue

A day in the life of an Egyptian! What an exciting day we had today! There were some fantastic, creative costumes. All children made an effort with their outfits. We can write our names in hieroglyphics, have designed a sarcophagus, created pyramids using spaghetti and play dough and even had an Egyptian feast.But the best […]

5 Blue’s Music Week

Year 5 have been learning about music in the 1970’s. They have been learning about different rhythms and melodies which made a lot so songs famous during this era. 5 Blue chose the song YMCA by an American band called The Village People. They had fun learning the song and putting actions to it. They […]

5 Blue’s Sole Project

This term 5 Blues’s Sole Project was all about researching about The Village People. They were looking at the 1970’s and each class were given a song from this era. 5 Blues song was called YMCA by The Village People. Welldone

6B back to the 80s

Year 6 had an amazing opportunity to travel back to the 1980s! Below are images of some of the children dressed up, children at the rock concert and the BEST video showcasing 6Blue having lots of fun whilst singing and dancing to some of our favourite 80s hits!

Anglo Saxon Day!

Today, was Anglo Saxon day in year 4 and what a fantastic day it was! The children had the opportunity to participate in a variety of different activities such as baking Anglo Saxon bread, cracking Anglo Saxon codes, making brooches, creating mash cams, sketching and recreating the Beowulf story on green screen. What was your […]

DT in 5 Blue

In DT the children have been looking at making their own Victorian Moving Toys without using electricity. They first understood the concept of how these toys moved during this period. Then they designed their toys and made a list of the equipment needed. Finally they made their toys which they found tricky but persevered. They […]

5 Blue’s Oliver Display

Well I kept to my promise 5 Blue. Hereis your Oliver Twist display. I was really impressed with the quality of your writing and drawings. Well done. I hope you like it? What do you think? Did you enjoy reading the story of Oliver Twist? What was the best part of the story? What was […]

3 White- damaging and improving the environment

Today, 3 White have worked in groups to investigate a big question: “How do humans damage and improve the environment?” It has been great to see the children being independent whilst researching and presenting. 3 White: Explain how humans damage the environment? Use the word bank to help you. Word bank: deforestation, destroying, pollution, greenhouse […]

1 Blue – Toys from the Past

Wow what an exciting visit we have had this afternoon. We had a visit from Brian from the Herbert Art Gallery. Brian bought with him lots of Toys both from the past and present day for us to look at. We dressed up as children from the Victorian times and even had a visit from […]

Bangladesh in 2 Red

Watch our video to discover some of the learning we have taken part in this week. What a wonderful ending to the term. Well done 2 Red! What have you learned about Bangladesh? What was the title of the traditional tale from Bangladesh we learned about? Who where the main characters in the story? Can […]

1 Blue Around the World

This week in 1 Blue we have been learning about the country Egypt. The children developed geographical skills by using maps. They gained a deeper understanding of a different country and explored the history of a different country.

4W Around the world week- Ghana

This week 4W have been studying Ghana as their country for around the world week. Please watch our video below displaying some of our fantastic knowledge. What did you enjoy most about around the world week? Can you tell me any facts about Ghana?

Around the world week Iran

What an exciting week we have had in 3 Blue. We have been learning all about Iran this week and have learnt some amazing facts about this country! We have been busy learning about the history of Iran, looking at the ancient and modern architecture of the country and have also looked at the culture […]


This year for around the world week, 6 Blue explored the beautiful country of Finland. Below is a video showcasing some of the learning taken place. Share facts you’ve learnt about Finland. 

1 Blue Sole Project

Some of the children in 1 Blue were posed with the following question. They were able to research and present their findings however they chose to. They worked together well as a team and decided to use the internet to research the question and then create a poster which they then presented to the rest […]

Nando’s Nando’s Nando’s

Here is the video of our wonderful trip to Nando’s. Miss Starkey has already blogged about our fantastic experience. I would just like to say your manners and behaviour were brilliant. Well done for representing Broad Heath.  Also a huge thank you to Sunnaf’s mum for coming along and supporting us. Finally we would like […]

4Red: Exploring the Taj Mahal on VR headsets.

Today, 4Red have had the fantastic opportunity of exploring the Taj Mahal on VR headsets. Using all of your new knowledge, please answer the questions below. 1. Describe the Taj Mahal in three words. 2. Why was the Taj Mahal built? 3. Would you like to explore the Taj Mahal in real life? If so, […]

Spain Tour Guide

The children were tasked with creating a tour guide for a group of tourists visiting Spain. Watch the video to see how they did this and remember to answer the question at the end.

Super homework in 3 Blue

This half term we have been learning about the Romans’ and homework this week was to create a 3D model of an amphitheater or colosseum. I am so proud of all the hard work that children have been putting into their homework!  Just take a look at these fantastic models made by some children in […]

Super homework from Yahya!

Have a look at Yahya’s fantastic homework. His homework was to create a 3D model of the  colosseum using Lego. He has gone into so much detail by including an emperor, spectators and even a gladiator!  Super work Yahya! 

3 White’s Roman bath experience

On Monday, Year 3 were learning what the Roman baths were like. To do this children role-played the different parts of the Roman bath as best we could. Before bathing , the Romans would exercise in the Palaestra. They did things such as running, mild weight lifting and wrestling. Year 3 exercised at our own […]

Goodnight from year 4 on Blitz night

We have had a fun filled evening with lots of activities and experiencing new things. We are now settling down to watch Goodnight Mr Tom, we have been reading this book in class. We have enjoyed our carrot cookies and a hot chocolate we will be ready to sleep soon …..  Well our teachers hope […]