Since we won the Primary School of the Year, Mrs Frankish thought it would be suitable to treat all the children with a treat. This treat being Ice Cream for all!

48 responses to “Celebration for winning Primary School of the Year”

  1. Abdirahman M.

    Thank you for the prize well done everyone😁

    1. Khadijah M.


  2. Simin W.

    I loved the ice cream and it was a fun day. Thank you Mrs Frankish!

  3. Haroon K.

    Thank you teachers for supporting us and thank you for the ice creams. Well done students and teachers from Haroon mum.

  4. Tipian I.

    That was the best day ever in school

  5. Inaaya S.

    Thank your miss Frankish so much

  6. Inaaya S.

    Thank your miss Frankish

  7. Rhema E.

    That was so exciting 😇

  8. Kia J.

    Thank you for the ice cream and non uniform day I really enjoyed it.

  9. Salman R.

    I wonder why there are no 6R pictures?

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