Citizenship Week in RW.

To show that we are thankful.

The children thought about the different people at school that help us. Working collaboratively they created Thank You cards for two very special people to us in RW.

The children also made special Broad Heath badges. They thought about the different people at school, both children and adults and then presented their badges to them stating why they are thankful.

To understand why someone is special to us.

We thought about different people at school and discussed why they are special to us. We then wrote these down developing our sentence construction.

To understand why it is important to tell the truth, even if we are scared.

To use key vocabulary when talking about citizenship at Broad Heath.

The children were able to recognise that they are all part of Broad Heath school and that together we all contribute to the school. We are citizens at Broad Heath and good ones at that! They then created their own self portraits to be used in their new Year 1 classroom and spoke about citizenship at Broad Heath.

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