I am using this iPad because mine is playing up. It is not being a good citizen.

I was interviewed today by 2D about how I try to be a good BH citizen( thank you 2D  I really enjoyed talking to you.)

If you could interview someone famous, who would it be and what questions would you ask them?

Thank you Graham.

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  1. I would question the queen and ask how royal she is and how good she has to be with her manners.Everyone needs to be polite and kind just like the broadheath team.

    • Sarah – it would be really exciting ( and a bit scary) to interview the Queen. Would you invite her to Broad Heath? She could stand next door to my boxing elephant !

    • I would interview Rowan Atkinson iwould ask him questions like how is it like to be a movie star? Do you enjoy making movies like mr beans holiday?

  2. The people I would like to question are not famous but are important.Dome are famous.

    I would question soldiers and ask them about their everyday lives; I would love to see how I soldiers life is different to mine.I will also like to do it with the following people and compare it with my life:
    A police officer
    A college student
    The council
    J.K Rowling
    Roald Dahl
    Rowan Atkinson.
    These peoples life are very different to mine that’s why I would like to question these people.

    • What a list Aliya.
      I admire soldiers. All of them are very brave and are working to support their country and this is very admirable.
      Your three celebrities would be god fun together. Maybe JK Rowling would write a book about Roald Dahl and he could write a book about her and you could write about meeting all your super people.

    • It started because people voted for a family to be leaders. They sat and discussed who had leadership skills and they could trust and then they got elected.

    • She became the Queen because her dad was the King. She was born into royalty, so you and me will never become a king or queen, unless we marry a prince!

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