Create and Dance at Coventry Cathedral Friday 1st July

On Friday 1st July, as part of our on-going work with the Royal Opera House’s create and dance project, we have been invited to learn and perform a mass group routine involving a number of schools from across Coventry. This year’s theme is “The Capulet’s Ball” where the dance has taken inspiration from a scene in William Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet. What is even more exciting than that, is that this whole event will be taking part inside the world famous Coventry Cathedral. As they were previously excellent ambassadors for the school at this years Coventry’s Gotta Dance festival, we have selected the following students from Year 6 to attend;

6 White – Bolu, Ali, Alexis, Sheima, Abubakkar, Alina 6 Red – Harroop, Ravi, Lisa, Arina 6 Blue – Aleena, Kia, Siddra, Rayyan

This will be an in school event, so student’s don’t need to arrive early, but to need to attend school on Friday in PE kit. They will also get back in time for lunch.


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