Day 1 of Science Project Week βœ…πŸ

Today children created a fantastic solar system using black paper and chalk. They then moved onto creating wonderful posters all about Mars after doing in-depth and detailed research using iPads and working collaboratively in groups. An awesome day and take a look at the blog below to see all the brilliant work by all of 3 Blue πŸβœ…

Which Broad Heath did you use today? And how?

10 responses to “Day 1 of Science Project Week βœ…πŸ”

  1. Eliza N.

    Amazing work guys let’s keep it up so when we’re in year 4 we’ll make our teachers proud .

    I think we used the value of knowledge because we used our understanding of the planets and we blended colours

    And I also think we used teamwork to make our habitats and they looked outstanding 😊

  2. Faris B.

    Welldone done everybody be proud of your achievements

  3. Muhammad K.

    I used teamwork and hard work by making the solar system and brilliance and I like making solar system with chalk.

  4. Muhammed H.

    Resilience because we have never given up even though it was a lot of work

  5. Muhammed H.


    1. Muhammed H.

      It wasn’t brilliance

  6. Dean-Junior L.

    Making the planets in the solar system with chalk

  7. Ebunoluwa I.

    I used teamwork and i like that day.

  8. Eesaa A.

    Brillance because I worked brilliantly in groups

  9. Tasneem S.

    It was such a fun day

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