Day 2 and 3 of Science Project Week โœ…๐Ÿ

Today children planned their own habitats for either a snake, polar bear or swan. They understood the task and created great habitats. They then moved onto an investigation which involved seeing under which conditions the cress seeds would grow the fastest. The conditions included the boiler room, freezer and the classroom. They made their predictions and did a write up of the investigation including a labelled diagram, method and the results will be discussed once the seeds have grown. In the afternoon, children learnt how to look after animals and gave each other instructions on how to look after an animal on Mars. They created iMovies collaboratively and the best one will be uploaded tomorrow..

Describe the habitat for a polar bear? Why does the polar bear need these things?

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  1. Jari V.

    A polar bear needs to live in a very cold habitat with snow, ice and water. It’s fur helps them to keep them dry and warm to survive. They also need food, they catch fish in the Artic.

  2. Muhammed H.

    It needs ice and needs dryness

  3. Muhammad K.

    For a snake it has to be safe and caged because it might be poisonous and deadly

  4. Minnah M.

    Polar bears need snow because they are adapted to it

  5. IsaiahW0914

    For a polar bear it needs to be cold and and snow the polar bear needs these things to stay alive so people can see them if they want to and not just see it on the website or anything

  6. Dean-Junior L.


    A polar bears habitat is very cold because they live in Antarctica polar bears like to stay cold their fur is very very thick to keep them warm because their habitat is cold and the temperature in their habitat is -10 degrees and on the cost it is -60 degrees their favourite food is seals! They even eat fish their carnivores. They need these things to survive because if there was no food for them they would starve to death because they are very very hungry and their thick fur is very fluffy and warm or keep the warm polar bears may not like fish but they eat them

  7. Ebunoluwa I.

    A polar bear habit has to be icy and cold it need food ๐Ÿฅ˜.

  8. Eesaa A.

    A polar bear need ice and water to survive. They need this because they are used to it.

  9. Musa B.

    Project week was so fun when we doing the science experiment

  10. Emil D.

    A polar bear needs cold and dry stuff because it likes cold and it likes to be dry

  11. Nick C.

    My favourite part was when we watched that show in the morning

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