It has been a fantastic set of matches in the first Broad Heath dodgeball league. All teams played extremely well, however, their can only be 1 winner, who this time is . . .

TeamMatch PointsFair Play PointsRef PointsAttendanceTotal
6 Red862319
5 Red Alpha952117
6 Blue652316
6 White561113
5 Blue362112
5 Red Zeta23229
5 White15208

6 RED!

Well done to all the children who took part, it has easily been our best attended and supported club, we look forward to running a similar event next year.

28 responses to “Dodgeball League – Final Table!”

  1. Sarah A.

    Well done!


  2. Adam J.

    Well done six red.

  3. Zahraa Y.

    Congratulations 6 red although we were last we all tried are best and we had fun.

  4. Mohammed W.

    Well done 6red

  5. Ayaan M.

    Well done year 6 red

  6. Muhammad B.

    Well done to 6RED!!!

  7. Samik S.

    Yes! I knew that we’d win!

  8. Kaif B.

    Yes we won !!! Well done for all the classes who participated.

  9. Tipian I.

    Well done

  10. Hammad A.

    thx for the info

  11. Tana I.

    Congratulation 6red and well done to all the others .
    Well done my class 5 blue we worked hard even though we did not win at least beat the othe year 5 and we had fun.

  12. Osato O.

    Well done 6 red you did well!

  13. Afreen S.

    Yes come on 6red we knew you could do it well done for winning 1st place and congrats to everyone else competing.

  14. Sumayyah A.

    Well done everyone

  15. Ayaan M.

    Come on 5 white

  16. Muhammad B.

    Come On 6 Red You Got This!

  17. Zainab A.

    Well done

  18. Mehar R.

    We can on we can do it six blue but well done

  19. Muhammad S.

    Thank for the update

  20. Safa K.

    Well done!

  21. Leon Thomas-Millward

    Well done everyone

  22. Abdul Y.

    Yes 6Red

  23. Abraham E.

    We got this 6 Red

  24. Asim A.

    Come one 6red

  25. Manvi R.

    Well done!

  26. Fatimah K.

    Come on 6B!

  27. Tipian I.

    Well done though for trying

  28. Tana I.

    Well done 5blue keep it up

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