Dol y Moch Day 2

Wow what an absolutely fantastic day we have all had!

We had a day at the Welsh mountains today. After filling our bellies at breakfast and making our own sandwiches, we got our water proofs and wellies on and headed for the mountains.

We climbed the mountain to around half way where we entered the mines. One group climbed 5 levels of the mines and it took 4 hours, where we had an amazing candle lit lunch.

Inside the mines we learnt a lot of factual information with our tour guides and one group got to abseil up part of the mine. This was a new experience for all of us and I could not have been prouder as everyone conquered it, and it was extremely challenging, but an amazing feeling once we did it! I will upload the abseiling videos inside the mine when I have better wifi, but I have put a photo below to give you all an idea of what we did.







We had a lovely evening meal, Which was homemade pizza and wedges and an ice cream sundae dessert! Followed by evening activities.








12 thoughts on “Dol y Moch Day 2

  1. Hi Bailey it’s mum wow this looks totally amazing hope you enjoyed it were all looking forward to you coming home enjoy love you lots xxx

  2. Wow looks like a very challenging day. So proud of you Inaaya for even attempting the mine and the long trek up a mountain! You all look like professionals in your gear :)

    The view from the top looks amazing! Thank you Mr Anderson for some lovely photos. Keep them coming please and stay safe.

    Ilyas is missing you much Inaaya as are mummy and daddy!
    See you soon. XxxX

  3. Wow looks like you’ve had an action packed, yet exhausting day!

    Anton, we’re all missing you lots and looking forward to you coming home but I have got to say i couldn’t be prouder seeing you doing the things you enjoy independently. Get a good nights rest ready for tomorrow’s adventures, love mum xxx

  4. Wow looks like you All had a fun day!
    Maleeha we miss you a lot and am happy to see your smiling face :)
    Enjoy this amazing experience :)
    Love Mum, Dad, Hasan & Maha x

  5. My big sister I can see you are having fun, I am so happy for you. At home, we all miss you so much. Stay safe and we see you soon. Much love from Keisha and Kamil.

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