Good morning!

As many of you know, Lent has begun and that means one thing: we are on the countdown to Easter!

Please bring your 50p in for the hunt by Friday 24th March.

Within school, Year 6 will be holding an Easter Egg hunt and an Easter Egg raffle on the below dates.

KS1 Easter egg hunt :
Tuesday 28th March 2023 (Date to be confirmed)

KS2 Easter egg hunt :
Wednesday 29th March 2023 (Date to be confirmed)

If you would like to participate in the egg hunt, this will cost you 50p (One entry per child)
You will be able to hunt outside for your very own little Easter Egg!

However, if you would like the chance to receive a larger egg, why not take part in your class raffle? This costs just £1 per entry (as many raffles as you wish).
You never know what you might win!

We haven’t forgotten about the staff either! There will also be a staff raffle like last year; entries will cost £1.

If you would like to be a part of the raffle or the egg hunt, please bring in your money and let your teachers know. Thank you!

73 responses to “Easter Egg Hunts and Raffles 2023!”

  1. Waniya Z.

    Thank you so much for the egg hunt. I loved it so so much and I enjoyed hunting. Thank you so much again🤩

  2. Mohamed E.

    That sounds yummy i will look for egg i hope i find chocolate chicken egg.

  3. Muhammad Y.

    I am really excited for the egg hunt. I have paid for both hunt and raffle.

  4. Amelia R.

    Hi. Thank you so much

  5. Manha S.

    I am really excited because I have paid for raffle and the Easter egg hunt 😝😜🤪🤪😜😝

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