G7 Week at BH 2021

What new things did you learn this week?

Do you understand what G7 is and the purpose?

What changes have you suggested? What will YOU do differently?

65 thoughts on “G7 Week at BH 2021

  1. 1) I learnt the g7 flags this week.
    2) g7 is a group that goes to places and fixes stuff like climate change. The purpose is to save the world.
    3) I will try to eat less meat.

  2. I have learnt about G7’S role to discuss Global problems and to find out how they can fix them. I suggest that they should lower standards so that industrial countries like Japan can keep up. To help reduce climate change I will reuse plastic bags and recycling materials for school projects.

  3. I learned that Japan plays a big role in G7 .
    G7 is like an orgernerzaition which sees the world problem and tries to fix them .I suggest they should look more on other countries and try to group that is what I would do differently

  4. I learnt that the G7 means a group of 7 countries.
    G7 purpose is that they can make the the world a better a place for example climate change .
    Climate change ,I will try reduce eating meat .

  5. I learnt that G7 stands for group seven.
    G7 is a group of 7 countries (France, Uk, America, Canada, Italy, Germany and Japan) that help solve problems in the world for example covid-19.

  6. That G7 means group of 7 countries which solve issues like pollution and COVID 19. The G7 countries solve issues like the COVID 19. I suggest we should use electric cars and stop cutting trees. If you cut trees regrow one.
    I would plant more plants and also recycle plastic and turn TV s of when we are not using it and turn off lights when your not in that room.

    • We also learnt about the names of the G7 countries which are USA, UK, CANADA, ITALY, FRANCE, JAPAN and of course GERMANY behold the most strong countries. The government’s of all countries meet each year to decide.

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