Girls Vs Boys in 4 Red!

The children in 4 Red have been challenged to a friendly competition against their peers. Since there is an even split of boys and girls in the class, I have made the competition “Girls Vs Boys”.

The Rules

  1. All children can play a maximum of 1 hour of TTRS for their score to count.
  2. All children in both groups have to take part for their group to win. If one person from a group doesn’t take part, even if their group wins, they can be disqualified. This means the other team has a chance of winning automatically.
  3. Children need to try their hardest to practice their times tables whenever they can. This can be in school and at home.

Reward For Winning

I have been very brave in coming up with a reward for the group that wins. I have told the children that the winning team gets to throw water balloons at me! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to throw water balloons at me, so I would highly recommend that you start playing TTRS!

Good luck 4 Red! May the best team win! 😁

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