*Go Parks is Back!* Sports Day Feedback Plus Holiday Timetable from Go Foleshill.

Go parks is back! Children from all over Coventry are earning points for their school and staff and students at Broad Heath are no different. To earn points there are 4 simple steps;

  1. Register to GO CV – visit https://go-cv.co.uk/
  2. Go to a local park – e.g. Edgwick Park
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. Select Broad Heath

It really is that simple and you can earn points, prizes and more, plus there will be flash competitions throughout the week for bonus points for the school. When you scan the code you can win bronze, silver or gold virtual medals for attending a park 1, 2 or 3 times, plus the more parks the visit the more medals you can earn. You can post photos on twitter using the hashtag #goparks so the other schools in the Coventry community can see your excellent work at your local parks.

Also, as we are finishing of the last of the classes for their sports week activities, we are asking parents, teachers and children for their feedback. Please click the link below and give us feedback as to how the events went and any important information going forward to make the days better. https://forms.gle/ohm9khYRjPKbTuJS9

This summer there will be lots of local activities taking place in the Foleshill area. Above is a timetable of different activities that are taking place over the summer holidays for families to get involved in. If you’d like any more information please let us know!


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