In this super school in Coventry, pupils are learning all about wellbeing. Students are learning to;






To help them on their quest, here is a video to help them along their learning journey this week. Good heath, and good luck!

107 responses to “Health Week 2023 – In need of Broad Heath Heroes!”

  1. Sumayyah A.

    All right Mr Rawllings

  2. Dominik B.

    I just loved it.

  3. Jensen C.

    I love your video and it was very funny

  4. Ella K.

    It was so funny and nice

  5. Ranj M.

    I am keeping fit my home because I go to my garden to play with my brother football and because i only eat one unhealthy thing a day

  6. Subodh K.

    l am keeping fit at home

  7. Adrian O.

    I am keeping fit in my house by going outside and moving a lot.

  8. Tinuola T.

    I am keeping fit and healthy at home.

  9. Tinuola T.

    I am keeping pit and

  10. Tinuola T.

    This is so funny I laughed for the whole week off!

  11. Simra S.

    It was good I liked it

  12. Simra S.

    It was good

  13. Tipian I.

    That was amazing I watched
    This twice.
    And also commented twice.

  14. Hamasah Y.

    Here are some pics and ADELY

  15. Sheik A.

    That was the best movie ever

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