Homework – Week 1

This week you have been practising to write descriptions of fictional characters. You have produced some great work which has included similes, adjectives and complex sentences.

We would like you to write a character description in the style of a story about one of the characters in Narnia. 

You can choose Peter or the White Witch.

peter  white witch

Here are two examples of how you could start your writing:

– Out on the mountains, the sun shone down on Peter. He stood bravely, with his brown…

– In the freezing cold, the White Witch blended into the background of fluffy snow which surrounded her. Around her shoulders draped…

Challenge yourself to start it in a different way.

Be creative and enjoy year 4!


69 thoughts on “Homework – Week 1

  1. We know that peter believed in Lucy so he went into the wodrobe and he saw a carriage and there was a white wich she coved in al white stuff * .*

  2. Peter Pevensie
    The oldest of the Pevenise children, Peter acts as a
    father-figure towards his brother and two sisters. He is a serious character who often tries to instruct Edmund in behaving properly. Peter’s courage and leadership is tested when he meets Aslan and fights against the White Witch’s army.peter is a brave boy who never gives up.

    Witch Witch
    The evil sorceress, the White Witch, reigns as queen over the land of Narnia. Her magic spell makes it so that the kingdom is covered in winter snow without the hope of the inhabitants ever seeing Christmas. Edmund becomes her slave when he gives into the temptation of eating her food and drinking from her cup.

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