Important !

At the Governors’ Meeting that was held yesterday , it was agreed unanimously that school will open to Year 6 pupils only if the 5 government conditions have been met. This will be decided on May 28th. Younger children will not be expected back in school.
Key workers and children who have been attending school will still be able to come to school as from Tuesday June 2nd from 8:45 am until 2:15 pm. School uniform needs to be worn.

If you are a key worker, returning back to work and would like a place, you need to send a message to the school requesting a place as from June 2nd.

School will be closed as from today and will be open to certain key children on the 2nd June.

Happy Eid to those who celebrate and let’s hope some normality returns very soon. Further updates will follow regarding Government advice.

Stay safe.


Please note letter from LA to parents:

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    • Hi where do we send messages to about school places please? We don’t have the email address but as of 15th June both parents will once again be back at work.

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