Dream Big, never let your size determine what you can be. Just like Max you can achieve great things one day. Heart Over Height.

Mani Love

On Thursday 14th November, Broad Heath was proud to host Harlem Globetrotter Mani Love to talk to our children about dreaming big, overcoming life’s hurdles and to show off some of his basketball skills that have made him world famous. The children were captivated by his story of how, as a young boy, he fell in love with basketball, how he came to play his first game and how the sport has changed his life. The children really wanted to know more, asking lots of questions. Mani’s message was simple, work hard, be determined and you can overcome. This is the same message that is in the book “Strong and Mightly Max”, a book about a boy with achondroplasia who dreams of being a super hero despite his lack of size. The best part of his visit for many young people is where they had a go at performing one of Mani’s trade-mark moves, spinning the ball on his finger. Over all, it was a truly inspirational day for our Broad Heath children, and we are very grateful to Mani for sharing his message. 

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  1. Sara B.

    Wow www

  2. Osatohanmwen O.

    Mani love is amizing

  3. Yusuf B.

    I loved meeting Mani.

  4. David V.

    It felt so weird when he put the spinning ball in your hand

  5. Muhammad S.

    I have been very happy with many love

  6. Raumaan A.

    It was great he helped everybody do an amazing trick when he helped us spin a basketball on the top of our finger.I hope that he can come again so everybody else can see him and do everything that we did with him to!

  7. Mustafa G.

    I loved this day thank you

  8. Khadijah M.

    it was so amazing

  9. Yosif I.

    IT WAS AMAZING thanks to Miss Frankish for inviting this professional basketball player I can believe how he made me spin the ball on my finger WOOOOOOOOW

  10. Saffa M.

    I love it

  11. Farhaan K.

    I loved this day and i also loved meeting Mani as he is a really nice guy!

  12. Umaiza T.

    It was amazing.We got to have a basketball spin on the tip of our finger.I liked the Mani visit.

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