Introducing My Child At School (MCAS)

We are introducing a new online system for parents called MCAS (My Child At School). This will in time enable online payments for trips/ dinner money, more direct communication about latest events or urgent notifications.

We are initially introducing the app so that you can book your parents evening appointments online. You will be able to book appointments online from Tuesday 27th February. (More information about dates will follow). In order to be able to book an appointment you will need to download the app and set up an account.


The MCAS App

The MCAS Login process enables parents to log into the MCAS online parent portal using an Email Address.

Parents will be able to view multiple Student MCAS accounts in one place without the need to enter individual School IDs and Usernames for each student. Parents will need to use the Email Address registered with their MCAS account and current Password.

  • Access the MyChildAtSchool mobile phone app, this will open the Parent Login screen.
  • Enter the Email Address and Password. Use the existing Email Address registered to the MCAS account and the Password currently in use to Login.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Login to the MCAS account and see all students linked to that Email Address.

Note: If parents have more than one Profile using the same Email Address, a popup will appear, select the Profile they wish to use to continue to the Dashboard. Students associated with each Profile are displayed on each row. Click on the Profile. The Dashboard will open for that Profile.

Documentation used:

How to login and use the MCAS App – Bromcom

Additional Information Here:

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