Meet Miss Smith’s Baby Lilah…

WOW! What a lovely surprise we had this morning. We got to meet baby Lilah.

She was so well behaved for everyone with lots of smiles😊👍🏼❤️⭐️🧸

Please watch the short video of her visit.

Challenge – Can you tell me some ADJECTIVES to describe Lilah now we have met her? Read Mrs.Patel’s poem to help you.



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  1. Baby Lilah is very gorgeous. She was so nice. I wish Miss Smith will come every day with baby Lilah to school. Baby Lilah has a nice smile, just like me.

  2. Thank you Miss Smith for taking time to comment. The children are still talking about your visit and want to know when you’re coming next time with Lilah?

    • Thank you so much Aqsa! It made me so happy to see you! You are very welcome. You deserve the treats for being such brilliant, hard-working children!

  3. What a lovely blog post! Thank you Mrs Patel! I was SO happy to see you all and I couldn’t believe how much you’ve grown. Lilah had the best time and you made her smile lots! You could tell she was excited because she was kicking her legs crazily! I am sure she recognised your voices! 😊 Keep making me proud 1W! I miss you all!

  4. What a gorgeous blog for a gorgeous baby! Thank you Miss Smith for bringing your bundle of joy to school. The children LOVED meeting Lilah.