Mrs J.Patel’s phonics group

Today we learnt the ur digraph…

Mrs.Patel was so impressed with your learning today.

Can you please watch the video and comment which words did you 👁 and 👂 using your senses linked to Science?

YOUR CHALLENGE IS……. How many sentences can you write using the words with ur ?

10 thoughts on “Mrs J.Patel’s phonics group

    • The cat has fur.
      The nurse helps people get better.
      The curtains are blue.
      The waffles are burnt in the oven.
      You eat the burger.
      The turtle walks down the street and walks slow.

  1. Thank you for everyone for commenting. I have enjoyed reading all your sentences with the ur grapheme. Get ready to learn more new sounds next week.

  2. The burger was tasty.
    I was turning left.
    The wolf had fur.
    The nurse was helping the patient.
    I burned the chicken.
    The boy hurt himself.
    I surfed on the waves.
    My mum was holding her purse.
    The curtains were clean.
    The turtle won the race.
    My hair was very curly.
    The church was big.
    The treasure was cursed.
    My eyes were blurry.
    My sisters dress was purple.
    I injured my leg.
    It was Thursday yesterday.

  3. I hurt my leg.
    I have a purse.
    I eat my burger.
    I burn my hand.
    I want to be a nurse.
    My friend going to church.
    I curls my hair.
    I close my curtains when it’s night time.
    When I go to zoo I see a big turtle.

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