We like to add information about our past pupils and how they are getting on. Today, we add some information about a past member of staff. Ms T still keeps in touch and often brings her children to school, when shifts allow!
True change sometimes can be discovered through stepping out of your comfort zone. Never limit yourself as you are always evolving. I am enjoying the growth of self discovery in nursing and just like a Broad-heather I aim ‘to gain’ knowledge, feel empowered and make an impact in people’s lives.”

35 responses to “Ms T continuing to make a difference!”

  1. Nihit N.

    Thank you for teaching what is now 6 in year one and keep changing the world!

  2. Hamza M.

    Well done mrs T for becoming a nurse 😄

  3. Mrs Hameed

    Hey Mrs T got to say , looking good in that nurses uniform. The NHS needs people like you and you will make a great nurse. Miss seeing you around school! Take care and keep in touch. xx

  4. Yusuf A.

    Well done Ms T! Keep it up! 👩‍⚕️🏥

  5. Fatimah K.

    Well Done!

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