So far this term, netball club have been using a variety of throwing skills.

We have practised throwing by having relay style races and through playing games.

What are the three types of passing we have practised?

photo 5


We have also practised our shooting skills.

photo 4

Which two players are allowed to shoot?

Choose from the following; goal shooter, goal keeper, centre, wing attack, goal attack, goal defence or wing defence.

During the club, we have also played games of netball to help us improve our knowledge of the sport such as the role of different positions and where we are allowed to go in the court. This still needs a bit of practise!

photo 1

Next term, we will be focusing on defending so that you can use the space better in games and protect your own team from others scoring.

What have you enjoyed in netball club so far?

Miss Tarn


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