10 responses to “Noisy Nativity 2019”

  1. Ilyas K.

    Oh my I agree with what Faris mummy said! The confidence and manners shown by reception was a tear jerker. The staff, assistants and children involved in putting this together are amazing! Thank you to everyone for a great performance. Really proud of all the children and my little Ilyas.

  2. Eesaa A.

    I enjoyed the nativity play because my mum and dad came to watch me.

    1. Aiza B.

      I loved it becoz my mummy n papa was there watching me going on the stage

  3. Faris B.

    I just wanted to say….. as a proud mummy of 4, you can imagine I have been to quite a few nativity productions! But I have to say , this performance most definitely outshone them all 👍
    I couldnt believe how well behaved the children were, how their confidence has grown, how they all knew exactly what to do, where to be and what to say! For children in this age range to deliver this , was truly magical to witness ❤
    The singing was beautiful and a joy to listen to 🥰

    It really was a beautiful production and the teachers deserve a massive congratulations for all their hard work , thankyou! And a big thankyou for giving my little king Faris the confidence and self belief to stand up there on the stage and shine 🤴❤🤴❤

    From another proud parent 😊

    1. Head Teacher

      Things cannot happen at Broad Heath without the fantastic partnership we have with parents. Great that parents enjoyed it and that the start of their BH journey has been magical and we have all gained.

  4. Yusuf S.

    What a brilliant performance! Well done to all the Reception children and their wonderful teachers. ✨

    1. Head Teacher

      Yes they are wonderful and all the children certainly have gained.

  5. Aadam R.

    Well done to everyone involved in yesterday’s performance. The hard work and effort that was put in prior to yesterday really shone in the children and we were really impressed by the confidence the Reception children had.

    Back in September when Aadam started Broad Heath he would not have had the confidence to get up on stage infront of an audience, take part and smile while he was doing it, so again, a big thank you to all teachers involved for helping him to gain in that way.

    From Aadams very proud Mum and Dad

    1. Head Teacher

      That is a great thing to say and we know he will ha in further.
      Mrs Frankish

  6. Rayan M.

    My mum , dad and my grandma came to see the play and they really enjoyed it thank you Mrs Dahil and Mr Mahmood.

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