Our amazing 3rd week in RR

We have had such a busy week in Reception. We are still continuing with our people who help us theme and this week has been about Police. here are some of the fun things we have been doing to learn about police role in the community. Please don’t forget to comment.

PSED – To know how to be a safe pedestrian.

UW – Explore the natural world around them.

Children went on a spring hunt around school to see what natural objects they could find due to a change in season.

Maths – To understand 9 and 10.
Children used a range of movements to explore the numbers 9 and 10 and some children created a counting book by finding items from 1 to 10.

EAD – Explore and engage in music making and dance, performing solo or in groups.

children took part in a musical performance in groups dancing along to different range of music.

C&L – Ask questions to find out more and to check they understand what has been said to them.

We had a visit from our school junior PCSO’s who were amazing at answering all of our questions.

SMSC: To know what stories Sikhs tells about a special person.

Maths: To compare numbers

We compared the number of letters in our names and used mathematical language like more or less to talk about them.

4 responses to “Our amazing 3rd week in RR”

  1. Saffiyah K.

    As a PCSO we talked to reception and they asked questions and they were really nice.We were so happy to see their smiles.We had fun.

  2. Oseremi E.

    Our teachers are doing an amazing job. We re so blessed to have them in our lives. They make learning fun. Thanks so much

    1. Head Teacher

      What a lovely comment! X

  3. Rishaan C.

    I can not wait to go to Foleshill road trip.

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