Planting Seeds🌸🌼🌻

Today we planted Chive seeds in plastic cups and egg shells. We discussed the conditions in which seeds germinate. We added 4ml of water after sowing the seeds in soil, in hope that they will grow over the next week.

What else does a plant need to grow?

6 responses to “Planting Seeds🌸🌼🌻”

  1. Maximilian J.

    Plants are so important for oxygen

  2. Evie T.

    I have a amazing time it made me grow

  3. Safa A.

    It needs air, oxigion , Love, care, and the right amount of temperature 🤒 💧☁️🇹🇭❤️😊

  4. Arham S.

    You need oxygen water carbonation photosynthesis care temperature germination

  5. Emraan A.

    It’s need oxygen,love,care,water and time to wait to germane though

  6. Iqra A.

    A plant needs love ,water 💧, oxygen, and the right temperature 🌡.

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